Chaitra Amavasya 2023: Dates, Timings, Rituals And Significance

Chaitra amavasya in 2023, a no moon night with Pitru Dosha puja & rituals for Amavasya vrat

The lunar phase during which the Moon is obscured is known as Amavasya. Vasya means to live together and Ama means to be together in Sanskrit. The Hindu calendar recognizes 30 lunar phases, called Tithis. It is an Amavasya or No Moon night when the Moon is within the 12-degree angular gap between the Sun and the Moon. Learn about Chaitra Amavasya 2023 as well as other information about the Amavasya Vrat and its rites.

After conjunction, the Sun and Moon are separated by 12 degrees, which is known as Pratipada or the New Moon tithi. The Krishna Paksha is the time between Purnima and Amavasya. According to the Hindu calendar, Chaitra Amavasya is the Amavasya that occurs during Krishna Paksha of the Chaitra month. In our religion, Chaitra Amavasya, which occurs in the months of March and April, is a very fortunate day. Yet, in our Indian culture, this day is extremely important. It is highly lucky to engage in religious and spiritual practices on this day, including bathing, charitable giving, and material donations. Rituals like Pitra Tarpan are carried out on Chaitra Amavasya.

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Chaitra Amavasya 2023: Date and Time

The New Moon that occurs in the Krishna Paksha of the Chaitra month is referred to as Chaitra Amavasya in the Hindu calendar of 2023. The Chaitra Amavasya in 2023 falls on Tuesday, March 21. This Amavasya Tithi will start on March 21, 2023, at 01:47 AM and end on the same day at 10:52 PM.

Significance of Chaitra Amavasya

The first Amavasya of the year, Chaitra Amavasya, is a crucial fasting day for religious rituals. Moreover, Chaitra Amavasya can aid in eradicating misery and negative aspects of life. Devotees worship Lord Vishnu on the day of Chaitra Amavasya and perform Ganga Snan to purge themselves of all their sins.

On Chaitra Amavasya, many people believe that taking a holy dip cleanses them of their sins and grants them Lord Vishnu’s blessings. Also, this Amavasya serves as a significant day for carrying out the Shradh rituals for the souls of the deceased. Also, on Chaitra Amavasya, you should worship Lord Vishnu and perform Vishnu Puja since doing so will help you get rid of suffering and negativity in your life. Moreover, the first Amavasya of the year aids in the removal of Pitra Dosh. If you are also experiencing problems in life, Pitra Dosha may be the cause of all your pain.

How to keep Chaitra Amavasya vrat in 2023?

For the salvation of the ancestors, one should fast on Chaitra Amavasya. You must carry out the following rituals on this day to achieve the same:

  • Get up early and take a bath in a holy lake, river, or pond.
  • After that, give the Sun some water.
  • Give to the needy if you’re fasting to ensure your ancestors have a peaceful afterlife.
  • Also, following Pitru Shradh on Chaitra Amavasya in 2023, you must feed the underprivileged or Brahmin.
  • Set a mustard oil lamp on fire and present Lord Shani with blue flowers, black sesame seeds, and mustard oil under the peepal tree.

In the Hindu religion, keeping a fast on Amavasya enhances longevity and prosperity while reducing several Doshas. Thus, holding a puja under a peepal tree is very lucky. Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Vaas) resides in the peepal tree’s roots, Lord Shiva (Shiva Vaas) resides in the stem, and Lord Brahma resides in all other portions (Brahma Vaas).

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Rituals to follow during Amavasya vrat in 2023

In addition, the Anuradha, Vishakha, and Swati Nakshatras on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the most auspicious days for the Amavasya fast. A person can benefit from these Yogas during Amavasya by going on pilgrimages, reciting poetry, and engaging in meditation. Amavasya is a day for control, worship, and introspection.

  • In the morning, while reciting the Gayatri mantra 108 times, offer water to Sun and Tulsi.
  • After that, feed a cow some rice and pour water on the Shivling.
  • Set Tulsi under a peepal tree. Provide curd, milk, sandal, black flax seeds, flowers, turmeric, and rice in addition to that.
  • Around the tree, wrap a thread 108 times. Married women can carry bangles, mehendi, biscuits, and chocolates while doing the rounds.
  • To honor your ancestors, serve them handmade puris, kheer, and vegetables, which you then eat.
  • Give the needy clothing, food, and treats.
  • On that day, observe Maun Vrat or don’t speak.

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Benefits of Chaitra Amavasya vrat

  • An Amavasya fast permits one to avoid all sorts of harmful and negative forces, as well as evil eyes. It is a means of lessening the influence of all negative energy in our lives.
  • Chaitra Amavasya fasting is another way to appease ancestor spirits.
  • Also, this is the ideal moment to pray for the souls of your ancestors who have passed on and ask them to rest in peace. It benefits the locals and aids their pursuit of tranquility and calm.
  • If someone fasts on Amavasya using it, all of their desires and wishes will come true.
  • The negative effects of the Kaal Sarpa Dosha will lessen if people observe the Amavasya Vrat with complete dedication.
  • According to several scientific hypotheses, the earth’s gravitational pull is greatest on Amavasya. In turn, one’s metabolism may become significantly more stable as a result.

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Chaitra Amavasya 2023: Dos and Don’ts to remember

  • During the night of Chaitra Amavasya, no one should intentionally or unintentionally go near the crematorium.
  • Also, you should avoid driving on deserted roads on Amavasya night.
  • You should refrain from sleeping past midnight on Amavasya day. You are unable to receive the ancestors’ blessings by doing this. On this day, rise with the sun and give the Surya Devi water.
  • On the day of Amavasya, fighting and argumentative behavior should be avoided at home. The blessings of the ancestors never stay in a home where arguments and fighting take place. On Chaitra Amavasya, make an effort to keep the home tranquil.
  • Also, refrain from becoming aggressive or angry around others.
  • On this day, avoid using garlic and onions in your food. Also, abstain from eating any meat, fish, or alcohol on this day.
  • Husbands and their wives should refrain from having physical intimacy on the day of Amavasya. There are three occasions—Chaudas, Amavasya, and Pratipada—when we should maintain perfect physical and mental purity.

Significance of Pitra Puja on Chaitra Amavasya in 2023?

It has a lot of significance in Hinduism. The day is also appropriate for Kalasarpa Dosha puja. Amavasya can also be pronounced Amavasai or Amavas. The first Amavasya of the year is significant because there are several rituals that are quite important to do on this day.

Somvati Amavasya falls on a Monday, and Shani Amavasya falls on a Saturday. During Amavasya days, Shraddha rites to honor ancestors are thought appropriate. Many individuals worship in order to gain future blessings.

According to the Shastras, Pitru Loka, a place halfway between heaven and Earth, is home to the souls of three generations of ancestors on both the mother’s and father’s sides. People perform Tarpana and Pinda Danam – the principal rituals during Pitru puja for the three generations before them. So, it is important to perform Pitru puja for those who have passed away in order to grant their souls Mukti or tranquility.

If you don’t perform Pitru puja on the 15 days between Bhadrapada Bahula Padyami and Amavasya—the 15 days between their death anniversary and the day, do it during Pitru paksha. If you are unable to perform puja on all of the days of the Pitru paksha, at least perform it once.

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Astrological importance of Chaitra Amavasya

The Hindu lunar calendar’s first month contains the day of Chaitra Amavasya. For this reason, people devote themselves to spiritual healing and believe it is suitable for participating in ceremonies that assist in reversing the karmic doshas and absolving a person of their misdeeds. The beginning of multiple ceremonies to please the gods and the ancestors is heralded by the Moon’s various phases (waning and waxing), which culminate in a fortnight.

According to legend, when Karna died during the Mahabharata war and his spirit was taken to heaven, he was denied access to normal meals. He received gold and jewelry as a substitute. He asked Indra the reason for not getting normal meals.

Lord Indra said that he gave all of these gifts to other people during his life but never did the same for his ancestors. After hearing Karna out and learning that he was unaware of his ancestors, Lord Indra agreed to let him return to Earth for 16 days so that he might provide food for his ancestors. Thus, this 16-day span is known as Pitru Paksha.

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