Importance and Role Of Planet In Astrology:

Planet Astrology

Do Planets and their movement actually influence a person’s life and lifestyle? The human body is made up of atoms and the Universe is also comprised of same atoms. Made up of the same atoms – the human body responds to planets and their movements. This theory can be termed as Basic Of Planet Astrology.

Below are given some detailed highlights reflecting the role of different planets from an astrological point of view :

1. Venus [Planet Astrology]: Venus Planet

Daksha Prajapati created mankind on earth, but Rishimuni Narada came to earth and preached salvation to the human race. Due to this, the Earth started becoming unmanned. Upon this, to find a solution out of this, God created sexual attraction in man and woman.

After that Narada Muni’s teachings could not have any effect on the human race. Kamabhavana is the inspiration of a natural tendency and Venus is a planet producing attraction between different sex.

Kamsukh- Love:

Planet Venus expresses the feeling of love & desire. It is a feminine planet. The work of a human being, the female affinity of men, the attraction that a man feels towards a woman, astrologers analyze all these matters in a person’s horoscope only through Venus. Also, Venus is a planet that lives in a person in the form of love, pleasure, female intercourse, etc.

Venus is the honeymoon of life. When Venus is in a bad position in a person’s horoscope, it results in excessive indulgence, immoral female relationships, adultery, modesty, female defect, hatred towards women, etc. Venus is the planet producing semen. It also affects sense organs. Venus is the planet of all kinds of beauty.

So, it has a special effect on the eyes and hair in the body. Venus is extremely important in the beauty of the body. Also, Venus is the beauty of black hair, the magic of eyes, the splendor of life, the rhythm of dance, the sweetness of things, the melodious style of music. An Astrologer analyses the chart and the beauty of a person from the position of planet Venus.

Male- Female:

Apart from being a representative of beauty, Venus also represents the wife and nature of the wife, etc. Venus is the crescent planet for a person’s marriage and marital happiness.

Marital happiness comes if Venus is in seventh place. For a day-born native, Venus is the maternal factor.


Venus, the planet of beauty has special effects in textiles and embellishments, good looks, luxury, makeup, fun, etc. are dear to Venus. Everything from makeup to happiness is Venus. For this reason, fragrance, flowers, garlands, springtime a person may thank Venus for all these things.


Venus is the causal planet of luxury, gold, silver, prosperity, wealth.


Venus is the factor of all pleasures. In astrology, Venus drives the measure of the pleasure that comes in the life of a native. Venus is pleasing and provides luxury and enjoyment of places. Venus is a factor of affection for two people.

It creates such power which is a feeling of its own spirit and is gentle & gracious, and happy. Venus connects to love. It is the lover, the creator of love, and responds to the sentiments of love. Venus is socialistic and truthful.


Venus is a poet. It is the composition of tact and erudition.


Venus is important for all kinds of Art in the world. Music, Art of singing, Instrumental art, Painting, Acting, etc. are the factors of Venus. The invention of art and art is where it is, it is the execution of Venus. Basuri, Veena, etc. have an association with Venus.

In addition, Venus is related to entertainment such as instruments, drama, cinema, etc. Entertainment, rarity, is the nature of Venus. A person’s elegance, artistry, and representing abilities i.e, singer, actor, referent, art maker, etc. reflect from the position of Venus in that person’s horoscope.


Venus is the antidote to Mantra learning. For subjects like hypnotizing, tantra-mantra, black magic, etc. it is necessary to practice Venus.

Form Of Venus :

Venus is a natural female seductive planet, it is dark-colored with beautiful eyes, curly hair, and a radiant body.

Venus disease:

When not in a favorable condition, the planet Venus causes blood decay like caries, phlegm, urinary disease, semen disorder, deficiency in sexual intercourse, excessive sickness, menstruation of women, inability to pass on the fetus, etc.

2. Mercury [Planet Astrology] : mercury planet

Venus, Mars planets are more related to the senses than emotions, but Mercury is the first planet to have power in the field of intelligence.

Ancestors described Mercury as skin, friend, relative, close relative, maternal uncle, mixed matter, bird, direction, speech, virtuous deeds, humility, wisdom, humor, truthfulness, devotion, peace, mathematics, learning.

Mercury is considered to be home to Kumar. The color of Mercury is dark green. Mercury is not a male or female planet, but an impotent planet.

Wisdom :

Mercury is considered to be the factor of intelligence. Knowledge of experience and logic is from Mercury. The factor of memory is Mercury. Mercury is a student wandering here and there in the race for knowledge.

Numerology is important for things like mathematics, accountancy, etc. With Mercury having a tactful deal, the commissioned business, the deal is important for this.

The wisdom of Mercury is time-wise, tact, politics, clever policy, milk, and water. Mercury results from the sight of a swindler, scavenger henchman, etc. by sitting in an enemy position or in an enemy zodiac. It is always a seeker of knowledge, studies, newspaper, paper, books, printing factory, news communicator, etc.


Mercury is the sign of speech. All the communication & voice-related things fall under the governance of Mercury. It impacts talking, enthusiasm, non-negotiation, discouragement, speed of speaking, flow, power. In addition, stammer and hesitation in speaking are the impacts of Mercury.

Mercury has the ability to express thoughts or ideas. Mercury is the speaker’s voice. Things like grammar, language, etc. come in the practice of Mercury. Mercury is important for practicing the language. Also, mutilation is seen from Mercury.


Mercury is the cause of the skin. If the horoscope is associated with Mercury, Mars, Rahu, etc. it is bad. Such positioned Mercury results in skin diseases.

3. Mars [Planet Astrology] : mars planet

Mars is naturally a male planet. It is a naturally sinful planet. Mars is necessary to protect the creature’s quantity. We can imagine the image of Mars in a hat on head, sitting on a horse, speeding out for a battle, a warrior like Bajirao Peshwa or a warrior like Rana Pratap.


There is some power behind every action, due to power, there is an eagerness in a person to work. The power residing in everyone is seen from Mars. The sacred practice of Mars is on the nerves and consciousness. It emphasis strength, semen, work efficiency, work efficiency, and ability to finish the work, etc.

Due to the permanent feeling of hard work, Mars is executed on the people ranging from blacksmith to engineer. The power of Mars appears to be proficient with creation, modesty and flowing qualities.

Due to the lack of creation, modesty and flowing qualities, the power of Mars becomes useless by means of rage, anger, sorrow, quarrel, impetuous pun, etc. Its good results are found in the form of courage, duty, etc. Even if this is true, then every work of Mars is found to have a calm nature, wisdom and a little work. Doing something with anger without worrying about the results, such quality is found in the nature of Mars.


The desire that comes inside for implementation is Mars, the desire that is there to complete that work is Mars. It also highlights selfish sentiments. The struggle behind the desire for selfishness is unwavering. There is also a lack of wisdom in this.


Mars likes to fight naturally when it comes to fighting. Mars starts fighting happily, courage, duty, fame, and fame comes down to the implementation of Mars. Where there is a fight, there is competition. Mars becomes invented there.

Battles, encounters, fights are their cause. Victory in combat or battle is under Mars. Where force is used, whether it is cricket or other sports, it is subject to Mars. Such a malefic planet Mars never likes to retreat. Mars has a red color appearance, thus, Mars represents things of red color, such as blood.


Essence, which occurs in every person, is Mars. By always fighting with the person or situation, Mars is the one to maintain its existence even if it is lost. Mars is the crescendo of things like pride, egoism, which comes from religion naturally.

Right To Freedom:

It is always good to keep Mars ruling over others. They do not beg others to get their say, for this they urge, force them, get others to do it, if necessary they resort to punishment or governance. Disciplined, dear Mars is a high ranking officer, police, soldier, guardian, village leader, army hero, army husband. Mars represents weapons used in wars, battles.

Mars is the force of power. It has a special effect on metal. Mars has the right over such metals as iron and copper. Mars is the owner of the zodiac’s Aries and Scorpio. Therefore, the qualities of Mars are found in these zodiac signs. Mars has an influence on things like engineering, magic science, chemistry, surgery, medical science, etc.


Mars is the causative planet of the land. In Astrology terms, people know Mars as Bhoomi Putra. Therefore, the practice to please Mars is extremely important from the point of view of real estate.

Diseases caused by Mars:

All kinds of fever, injuries, surgeries, peel, all types of accidents, etc. are an impact of planet Mars.

Nature Of Mars:

Mars is also called Kunj and Bhaum, it is a natural male planet. It is fiery, fair, tall in height, strong in shape.

4. Jupiter [Planet Astrology] : jupiter planet

Intelligence and knowledge:

Jupiter represents Knowledge. Knowledge achieved on its own strength, if the knowledge found by others is visible to Jupiter. Jupiter is the agent of many disciplines. Studying, achieving great milestones, higher education and practice of any education are seen from Jupiter.

Jupiter is intelligent, but Jupiter’s growth is not impetuous. The Jupiter is calm, the thought is pragmatic and the factor of intelligence. Jupiter is the teacher of the world. A student who seeks knowledge for knowledge.

It is the permanent nature of Jupiter to learn about others and to spread knowledge about himself. For this reason, the teacher, the teaching institution, the Yoga Peeth, the Universities, the revisionist institution, the institution of knowledge dissemination, comes in the practice of Jupiter.

Jupiter is a factor of the high type of literature. The article or literature is of high type and full of erudition. Guru Granth, Bhasha Shastra, Vedanta, Mimamsa Shastra, classical neo-fundamentalism, etc. are the causal things of the planet.

Policy and religion:

Jupiter is the first planet to teach Policy lessons in life. One is going to know the difference between such things as true-untrue, justice-injustice, desire-goodness, beautiful-vulgar, and he is doing charity. Jupiter is the home of wisdom. The planet possessing a collection of good qualities is possessing moral values. Jupiter has a will, goodwill, and good luck.

Pleasure and Progress :

Jupiter is the planet that creates joy and progress in life. There is a difference between the pleasure of Jupiter and the happiness of Venus. The pleasure of Venus is more sensory and circumstantial and the joy of the Jupiter is from the soul i.e. from inside. Jupiter’s visit is not good in terms of wealth but at such a time the outlook of a person’s life is full of hope. The person does not change, the situation also does not change, but there is a change in mood.

Jupiter is a planet showing progress. This growth can be mental and physical. The Jupiter of such qualities is considered to be the antidote of luck. In every region this planet, which reflects the revolution gives better results than Venus financially.

Jupiter is the planet to increase value and status. Whether a student has a small gift received in school or a big reward received by the President, when it comes to the honor of the heart, there is a virtue of the Jupiter. It all depends on the position of Jupiter in the Horoscope.


Jupiter is the causative planet of progeny. Jupiter is a very important planet in terms of happiness from the child, nature of the child, condition of the womb, etc.

In the body, Jupiter is the planet of fat. Jupiter should be practiced in the form of body confirmation, physicality, diseases caused by overeating, etc. Jupiter is the auspicious planet of the male planet, obeyed, calm in nature, good-natured growth.

5. Saturn [Planet Astrology] : saturn planet

Ancient astrologers called Saturn as dark, fear, anxiety, sorrow, misfortune, anxiety, life, death, iron, glass, old age, thief, hindrance, chastity, mourning, fascination, delay, sloth, light, industry, satire, subsistence means considered as antidote.

Saturn’s nature comes to understand better than other planets. Specifically, the qualities of Saturn are quite dissimilar from the qualities of Mars. The rash, unconcerned qualities are more visible in the qualities of Mars. Quiet, dull, ill-considered, serious qualities are in the work of Mars.

The enthusiasm in the work of Mars is not in the work of Saturn. The work of Saturn is grand, but this grandeur is dim. If you practice the behavior of a young person who is facing a dissolution in life, then the Mars-dominant youth should not marry any of the young girls in the spirit of Mars, so the effort will be complete.

Jupiter’s head should be married to anyone but will pray that whosoever he/she gets married, always be happy. Venus will always cry in his memory. Due to the dissolution of love in the life of a Saturn dominated person, the mind will be completely broken from inside. Mars takes decision in hurry but the decision of Saturn is a complete thought. Jupiter is a scholar by studying and Saturn is strict by behavior.

Saturn is tolerant, enterprising, serious in nature. Saturn is for long-time, preparing to work for many years. It performs with good planning, thinking about all kinds of things. This is why Saturn can do great things. Power of Mars or the knowledge of Jupiter can’t complete such work.


Saturn is the antidote to bones in the body, Saturn is of convoy nature. Saturn sees diseases related to cold, diseases lasting for a long time, rheumatism, cough, phlegm, ailments, foot diseases, satire, etc.


Saturn is the causal planet of industry. Saturn is found in a good position in the horoscope of a lawyer, judge, industrialist, politician, etc.

Astrological introduction of Nine Planets:

Sun: sun astrology

The Sun is primarily a body of hydrogen gas. Whose temperature is estimated to be around 1,00,000 degree Celsius. Its distance from Earth is more than 149.6 million kilometers. The speed of light could be 186000 mi/s. Being highly illuminated by all the planets of the Sun and being powerful in all the planets attains the position of the king in the solar system.

The planet of the first house in the horoscope is the Sun and it occupies the soul. The external parts of the body dominate from the head to the mouth and the inner part to the bone. Sun is the lord of the Leo zodiac. The objects related to the Sun are rubies, gold, blood, cloth, father, mountain, forest area, soul, body, light, etc.

Moon: moon astrology

According to astrology, the moon is in the second largest place in the solar system after the sun. Like the Sun, it is considered a king in other constellations. The moon has been named Som, Indu, Rajneesh, Rakesh, Shashi, Sudhakar, etc. Further, it is Earth’s immediate neighbor located at 3,84,400 Km.

In the Horoscope, the fourth sign factor is the Moon’s preceptor. Moon is the lord of Cancer. It is dominated by the external part of the body from the throat to the heart and the internal part of the blood. Mother, mind, silver, earth, confirmation, smell, juice, bees, wheat, cotton, etc. are related items. However, the Moon is the soul and emotions of a native.

Mars : mars astrology

Mars is the nearest planet to Earth. Due to its resemblance to the earth, it has names like Bhumi Putra or Prithvi Putra, Bhoom, Angarak, Kshitij, Lohitang, etc. Westerners call it the God of War. In Bharatiya Jyotish Granth, it is a symbol of spirit, strength, might, and courage, patience, vibrancy, and confidence.

The travel speed of Mars is 30 degrees in 75 days or a fraction of a day and a quarter. Mars occupies the external parts of the body from the stomach to the back and the medulla in the internal organs. When Mars is strong, courage will work. Things related to Mars are happiness, land, building, brother, fire, ulcer, disease, etc. It holds the rank of general in the solar system.

Mercury: mercury planet

It is the smallest planet in the solar family and is very close to the Sun. It rises a few moments before sunrise. Also, it sets off after sunset. This planet is a comedy loving, darling living in a society of scholarly pundits and wise people, with sarcasm, mixed nature and will give revival. It represents the emblem, diplomatist, high level logical, science, astrology, teaching, writing, editing, publishing, crafts, medicine, mathematics, insurance, telecommunications, etc.

Jupiter: jupiter planet

It is the largest planet in the solar system. It takes one year to travel 30 degrees. In the horoscope, it is the causative planet of the second, fifth, ninth, eleventh and tenth house. Sagittarius is the lord of Pisces. It is the master of knowledge.

The external parts of the body, from the waist to the thigh, fall under the dominance of internal body fat. It is related to Yajna, Karma, Religion, God, Son, Husband, Grandfather, Gold, Friend, etc. Wealth, Lakshmi, justice, children, sons, religion, being the causal planets, it is also related to conscience, intelligence, knowledge, health, spiritual and ecological pleasures.

Venus: Venus Planet

The brightest planet in the solar family (other than the Sun and Moon). It can stay a maximum of 4 degrees away from the Sun. Its travel speed is a fraction of a day. This is the factor of seven in the horoscope. It is the lord of Taurus and Libra. Venus is the master of sex and has suzerainty over the world. Therefore, affects Wife, other women, sexuality, youth, beauty, jewelry, tenderness, poetry, dance, songs, movies, TV, makeup, etc.

Saturn: saturn planet

Saturn is a beautiful and strange planet located far away from other planets in the solar system. Three ring-circles always revolve around it freely. Due to these rings, it runs slowly, hence it is called Shanaichar. The slowest moving Saturn travels 30 degrees in two and a half years or 30 months.

It takes one month to cross a fraction. It has been given the rank of a servant in the solar system. Sorrow-pain, death, servants, disease, amethyst, hair, oil, weapons, iron, leather, quietness, buffalo, camel, elephant, etc. are related to it.

Rahu and Ketu-

Both Rahu and Ketu do not exist in the Solar System. Thus, these are shadow planets. However, in Astrology both Rahu & Ketu play a vital role to form a human’s character.


It is a planet representing the enemies. Intense intelligence but lazy, rebellious nature, mental excitement, anger, impulse, confusion, discomfort, confusion, violence, etc. are the expressions of this planet. Its subjects snake, flight, time, night, darkness, speculation, hidden wealth, and lost objects.

In addition, Rahu has a big hand in the matter of obtaining contingency money, lost item, politics, foreign travel, high position.


Planet Ketu is harsh in nature, dirty form and often popular as flag and crest. Compared to other planets, is the most mystic. Therefore, it has got fame for mysterious and secret conspiracies.

Also, its tendency is not to come forward on its own and its actions are often internal. In conclusion, sudden progress and degradation, accident, dismissal, humiliation, confusion, financial tightness are all its tendencies.

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