Truth Behind Black Magic : Process, Remedy and Captivating Mantra

Black Magic

On hearing the term “Black magic”, the name of the state of Bengal begins to wander in the mind. But you will be surprised to know that Black Magic is also used in Africa.

In Africa, Black magic is pronounced as “Vudu”. Body parts and mannequins of animals have been used for years. But for ordinary people, black magic is still a mystery.

How did Black Magic begin ?

In Africa and other countries, black magic is called “vudu“. It is believed that in 1847 a goddess named “Erzuli Dantor” incarnated on a tree. She was considered as the goddess of beauty and love.

He removed the sickness of many people using magic. One pastor did not like all this, and ordered to cut the trunk of the tree from the root. Later local people made idols of Goddess and started worshiping.

Black Magic Process :

Black Magic

According to Scientology, this is a very tough process, which is carried out under very special circumstances. It requires a high level of an expert to perform this. But few people are able to do it.

In the process, an idol that looks like a doll is used. This idol is made from various types of food items like flour, gram flour, pulses. Special spells are sacrificed in it. After this, the name of whoever wants to do black magic is chanted.

In this whole process, problem-solving is claimed with the limbs of animals. The ancestor’s soul can also be called to work in a body. Apart from this, a mannequin is also used to treat a person sitting far away.

Truth Behind :

Experts believe that black magic is nothing but a Bunch of energy, which is sent from just one person to another person. We can use energy both positively and negatively. The Atharva Veda of Sanatana Dharma is dedicated only to the positive and negative use of things. You have to understand that energy is just energy, it is neither divine nor satanic.

In Gita, Arjun asked Krishna that every object is made of energy and energy is also in Duryodhan. Then why is Duryodhana doing the works of arbitrary man? : In response, Krishna said God is Nirgun. Divinity is Nirgun. He has no qualities of his own. This means that energy is pure and you can create anything from it.

When it was done?

Black Magic

Experts believe that black magic is not the purpose of causing harm to a person. Actually it is a technique of Tantra, which Lord Shiva gave to his devotees.

It was used only for the treatment of patients sitting far away, in the old days. An effigy was awakened by tying hair of patients on it with special mantras.

After this, in whatever part of the patient, there was a problem, by putting a needle in the same place as the effigy, positive energy was passed to him. After doing this for some time, It was diagnosed with trouble.

When Performed For Negative Impacts :

Some selfish people used this knowledge for wrongdoing in society. Since then, it has also been called black magic. Significantly, just as you can overcome disease by creating positive energy, in the same way by operating negative energy, you can also affect a person in a negative way.

Black magic prevention measures :

Dissolve the powder of yellow turmeric in the Ganges water and sprinkle it through the betel leaf in all the corners of the house. You have to do this process on the Sunday of Shukla Paksha.

Vashikaran mantra:

Write the name of the person and his parents on a white paper whom you are trying to subdue. Light a lamp of ghee and take a grain of rice in your left hand and recite the following mantra 21 times.

Mantra: ऊँ हूं ही, ऊँ हो ही हा नमः!!

After this whole process, close the rice in a vial with Ganga water along with the paper, press it into the soil under the tree in the crematorium. Its effect will start appearing in a very short time. But never apply with a sense of revenge.

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