Planetary motions that make you rich and prosperous

Planetary motions that make you rich and prosperous

Rich- As soon as we hear this word, the image of dollars or rupees pops up in our mind. It seems like a dream coming true. This dream is accomplished by hard work and determination but at the same time, the planets play a great role. Thus, in this article, you could see if you have the planetary motions in your horoscope that can make you rich and prosperous.

-The fourth house

The fourth and the tenth house of the horoscope are considered very good for the material prosperity. If these houses are strong in your horoscope, then congratulation, you are going to have a prosperous life.

-The eleventh house

The eleventh house of the horoscope is the house of monetary gains. As it is believed that your prosperity will depend on the Rashi and the Lord of Rashi of your house. If both are strong in your case, then you will get rich in the coming time.

-The Lord of the house

If there are some malefic effects in your house then you won’t be getting prosperous easily. Though you will get everything but with a little effort. However, if the house Lord sits in the first, fifth, or the ninth planet, then to it is auspicious and will lead to a good source of income.

-Mars and Saturn

If your Planets-Mars and Saturn are strong in the eleventh house of your horoscope, then you will have a good source of income. However, if there are both positive and negative planets, then you will also see the mixed outcomes in your life.

-Property and Career planetary positions

In your horoscope, if you could see the second house owner sitting in the fourth house of your horoscope then there is a chance of property gains in your luck. In addition, if you could notice the same planet in the tenth house, then it may lead to a prosperous career.

-Financial Troubles or a financial Crunch

The owner of the second, fifth, seventh, or the eleventh house, if sitting in the sixth, eighth or the twelfth house is a bad omen. This planetary position can bring poverty and ill health.

->Along with the planetary motions, various yogas like Vipreet Rajyog, Lakshmi Yog can also make a person wealthy. So, it is also important to know the significance of each planet in your horoscope.

-The Sun

The planet Sun is the king of the Solar System. Having a strong Sun means a person is strong, opinionated, and polished. In addition, a Sun stands for ego and self-respect. Apart from planetary positions, this yoga can also make one rich and wealthy.

-The Moon

The moon reflects one’s emotions and moods. Therefore, a person with a strong moon is likely to be very very emotional. Such a person thinks from the heart and not from the brain.

-The Mercury

The planet Mercury reflects one’s communication and thinking skills. Therefore, people with strong Mercury can be great writers and orators and make money in that field.


The planet of love, Venus stands for emotions and understanding. This helps in taking all the sensitive decisions in life.


Mars is the planet of confidence and vigor. Therefore, individuals with strong mars are likely to do exceptionally well in their careers.


This is the planet of fortune and prosperity. Hence, the presence of this planet in one’s life makes an individual successful.


This planet is the most practical of all. It helps in making practical and mindful decisions.


The Uranus is the planet standing for individuality. Hence, people with a strong career lead to a successful career.


Neptune is the planet of Compassion. The individuals having strong Neptune feel more strongly for others than themselves.

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