Best profession for you as per the auspicious planet in your chart


We can’t be good at everything, and that is a fact. But then, all of us have a bend towards a certain profession or business more than anything else. Ever wondered why? As per astrology, the weakness and strongness of planets in kundli help in defining a person’s choices, where professional choices are no exception.

Thus, the professional choice of a person can be driven by the fact that what planet is strongest in his or her kundi. Here are various planets in astrology and the professions they support.

If any of these planets are favourable in your chart, you can choose one of the professions that the favourable planet supports to find success in your professional endeavours.

1. If Sun is auspicious

Wood, stone, fire-ready objects, electrical goods, agency, brokerage, contracting, copper, gold, fur, literature, music, film, publishing, high-ranking employees, etc.

2. If the moon is auspicious

Liquids, aquatic products, fish, boats, ships, white goods, chemicals, books, writing, publishing, writing, drawing, teaching, literature, poetry, music, daily, etc.

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3. If Mercury is auspicious

Paper, publishing, press (printing), teaching, bookbinding, agency, gambling, lottery, buying and selling of shares, writer, musician, actor, lawyer, politician etc.

4. If Venus is auspicious

Clothes, jewellery, stationery, perfumes, flowers, grains, movies, foreign investors, vehicles, actors, craftsmen, writers, lawyers, politicians etc.

5. If Mars is auspicious

Factories, minerals, building materials, buying and selling land, buying and selling houses, food grains, poultry, politicians, doctors, detectives, etc.

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6. If Jupiter is auspicious

Life Insurance, Income Tax Advocacy, Religion Writing, Printing, Food Grain, Food Business, Hotel, Sweet Shop, Priesthood, Silk, Wool, Astrology, Teaching etc.

7. If Saturn is auspicious

Iron, lead, tin, coal, oil, gas, agricultural work, tantric work, astrologer, yoga practice, writing scriptures, etc.

8. If Rahu is auspicious

Stock business, leather business, brokerage, acting, engineer, big detective, big leader, etc.

9. If Ketu is auspicious

Research work, lottery, iron and steel products, auditing firms, etc.

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