Plasma Therapy- Will it Help Treat Coronavirus?

Plasma Therapy

Arvind Kejriwal the Chief Minister of Delhi said in an interview that Plasma Therapy is showing positive results. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a serious implication all across the globe. India is also under the clutches of this contagious virus. However, careful social distancing and lockdown have somewhat kept the virus under control.

Last Tuesday the Delhi government got approval from the center to try plasma therapy on the coronavirus patients. Two patients after receiving the treatment have shown a considerable amount of improvement. As scientists are working on the possible antidote for the virus, other options are also available. This therapy is one such method to help the infected patients recover soon.

It is given to serious patients only. It is our only hope amidst the covid19 outbreak. US and China adopted the therapy and it did help in overcoming deaths. India is also on the lookout of this therapy in curing Coronavirus patients.

What is Plasma Therapy?

The Therapy uses the blood as antibodies from a person already recovered from coronavirus. This therapy is like a god-sent gift as it can be used on health works who are at high risk of infection. The antibodies from the recovered patients will act as stimuli providing immunity to the patients. However, this is just a treatment and not a drug to eradicate the Sarcov-2.

The blood from the patient is donated further to cure other contaminated patients. In addition, blood is tested for other diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, etc. If the blood is safe then the part that contains antibodies is extracted. The next step includes transferring the plasma to the patients. The antibody helps increase blood circulation and helps fight the novel coronavirus.

There are a few risks in this new therapy. The CTP may fail in some patients and can further lead to many serious repercussions. The body can become vulnerable to other fatal infections too.

Therapy in India

Kerala is the first state to adopt Conavelscent Plasma Therapy. Delhi also undertook the CPT and was somewhat successful. Two patients showed improvement and are kept under ventilators. They may be discharged the next week, reporters suggest. Arvind Kejriwal urges the patients to recover to come forward and donate blood. Moreover, the cure is inexpensive and cost-effective, unlike other drugs and vaccines.

The Max hospital in Saket tested the therapy and was surprised by its efficacy. This is a major ray of hope for people in the world. We really hope that the people donate blood and help us survive the pandemic.

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