PM Modi asks Indians to Light Candles at 9 PM- Astrological Analysis

PM Modi

Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India has urged the citizens to light torches or candles on 5th April 2020 at 9 PM. After the grand success of clanking utensil and clapping during the 21-day lockdown, he asks for a 9 minute Diwali. This plan of the PM has faced a lot of troll on social media. What is the secret behind Modi’s lighting of candles?

However, Modi has some hidden agenda behind this 9 minute lightning of candles. Coronavirus cases have rapidly spiked up and this declaration of our honorable Prime Minister has led too many berating from the public. We are confused and have a lot of questions in our minds.

  • Have you ever wondered why did he choose the day 5th April and why the time 9 pm?
  • So do you think that indeed PM Modi has used astrology as a way to deal with the pandemic?
  • Will this end Coronavirus? Or is it just a way to get the public engaged.?
  • Who is Modi’s Astrologer? Who is giving him these tips?
  • Is this superstition or will PM’s plan actually work?
  • Is Modi’s act a blessing in disguise or just a way to fight against Coronavirus?

Nope nobody has a plausible answer to Modi’s strategy. We all may assume certain things but look beyond, there is an astrological connection to this.

Astrological Analysis

  • Narendra Modi chose to kick off his speech today at sharp 9 am Modi clearly mentioned in his speech that this is the 9th Day of the Lockdown
  • He further added that the date on 5th April that is 5/4 which sums up to 9 yet again will be the day of the lightning. Another weird fact is that he mentioned the people to light torches at 9m for exactly 9 minutes.
  • Similarly in astrological context nine is the number of planet Mars. Mars is known to build immunity and overcome hurdles in life. This planet also helps repair muscles in the body and regain physical fitness.
  • In fact, Mars is accounted to fire and light too. It is strongly signaling that PM Modi has used astrology as a way to combat Coronavirus in India. Also, 5th April is Vanama Dwadashi, that day earth gets maximum light from the sun.
  • It is believed that he is attempting to focus light to end evil Coronavirus through the combined help of astrology and science. Light is the source of mankind and he trying to use his knowledge into being.
  • Moreover, according to Adiyogi Purana to kill viruses is to focus light on it as we do it with a magnifying glass. Another thing is that the 5th is Sunday, the day of Lord Surya thus creating a favorable climate kill the virus. It is Narendra Modi’s masterstroke that most people fail to understand.


Well, one thing is for sure that he has collectively used numerology, astrology, and science to eliminate coronavirus. After his attempt of bringing the mass together and asking them to clank utensils etc, he urges his citizens to unite once again during the Janta Curfew.

We hope that this works in dealing with COVID 19 crisis. So switch off the lights that day and take part in this act. Till then practice self-isolation and maintain social distance.

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