When will Coronavirus End? An Astrological Report

When will Coronavirus End An Astrological Report

The novel Coronavirus has taken a huge toll on the entire world. Such a pandemic situation is worsening day by day and nobody is spared from it. This virus whose origin came from China has now affected the whole world. Moreover, the death toll has also risen across the globe, and it seems that there is no end to it. Everyone is looking for an answer to the question when will Coronavirus end?

Furthermore, there is no vaccine to help cease this virus. People with weak immune systems are severely affected by Coronavirus. The question, however, is when will it actually come to halt. The desperation is quite evident as people are self quarantined for a long time. Everything is disrupted by the emergence of this highly contagious virus.

However, according to expert astrologers, the Coronavirus won’t last long. Are you having questions like Is the Covid 19 here to stay? When will Coronavirus end? Is there any vaccine for Coronavirus? Read further and find out when will this epidemic bid us farewell.

Astrological Analysis

Rahu is the root cause of all the ailments in our body. The Coronavirus upsurge is because of Rahu and its placement. Moreover, to add salt to the underlying misery Saturn enters Mars on 21st March. This greatly will impact mankind and their vulnerability to this disease.

  • According to our expert astrologers, when the sun crosses Rahu and invades the Revathi star the virus will start to recede. This a massive prediction that is anticipated by all. This major event will help the virus to minimize its effect on the planet.
  • Sun is the main force of mankind that gives life to earth. So as the sun enters Aries around 14th April, the tension will cease to exist soon enough. The immunity of people will start to improvise. Also, overall health will get better from this day onwards.
  • Medically there will be immense growth and thing may fall back in place. After 15th April there will be a new invention in the medical sector to combat the microbe. In addition, scientists have already started devising vaccines to control the pandemic. However, the Coronavirus effect will completely wash off only in the month of June.
  • Saturn is creating a conflict in the degree of Moon in the chart of India. Thus slowing down the recovery of Coronavirus infected. Nevertheless, as Mars crosses the degree the situation will be much better. The state of panic in citizens will recede and things will normalize.


Till there is no vaccine all the people are requested to maintain social distance. Social gatherings are a strict no so that people are no more vulnerable to this virus. The contagious virus has now scaled at an unprecedented rate. So stepping out of the house only when urgent. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask. Carry a sanitizer whenever you head out.

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