Pret Dosh in Kundali – Effects and Remedy

Pret Dosh in Kundali - Effects and Remedy

No one has seen God in the world. But people still believe in him and his great powers. When the same thing is said about Pret or spirits, people are divided into two parts. Now those who have felt it, believe in these things. Those who have not, consider it as nothing more than an illusion. Today we will discuss Pret Dosh in Kundali, its effect, and remedies to overcome it.

In the modern era, humans have proved in modern ways that there are some invisible spirits. Those we know as paranormal verbs. These invisible spirits or presence can affect the life of any human being. They can threaten the person and fill their life with negative energy. By snatching their mental and physical strength. It can make them sick both physically and mentally. 

When such incidents take place in a person’s life, the main reason behind this can be Pret Dosh in the horoscope.

What is Pret Dosh?

When the shadow of a ghost or a spirit takes over a human’s body is called Pret Dosh. Due to this dosha, a person may have to face many mental and physical troubles. Not only that person but any member of their family may also have to face these problems. In this dosha, some invisible forces enter or take possession of the human body. After this, these evil powers torture the victim in many ways. The person may have to go through a period of unbearable pain or suffering. Not having the right treatment at the right time can result in harmful consequences.

Effects of Pret Dosh

  • The victim can hurt themselves as well as their family. They become a threat to people. 
  • Their mental ability gets affected badly and they may lose their mental balance completely.
  • Pret Dosha brings all kinds of misfortune in the life of the native. They get surrounded by negativity. 
  • Gradually, natives start to adopt and present unusual and strange behavior.
  • They may become extremely powerful and violent.
  • The person may suddenly start screaming.
  • They get out of control.
  • As a result, they become harsh in their tone.
  • It affects their breathing ability. Gradually, they start falling sick in the usual manner. 
  • They become devoid of hunger and thirst.

Identification of the Pret Dosh in the horoscope

If Rahu is in conjunction with the Moon in the 1st house in the horoscope and any cruel planet is situated in the 5th and 9th house, then the native has the influence of ghosts or evil spirits. 

Apart from this, it is sure to suffer from the Pret Dosh when the same situation remains during transit.

If Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars are in the 7th house in the horoscope, then the native will suffer from the dosha and be haunted by ghosts, hindrances or evil spirits, etc.

If there is a combination of Saturn-Mars-Rahu in the horoscope of a native, then it forms the dosha. As a result, the native suffers from physical and mental trouble.

According to astrology, If Moon’s Antardasha is in the Mahadasha of Rahu or Rahu is aspecting badly the Moon in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, then it forms Pret Dosh.

Remedies of Pret Dosh

  • Without telling the victim, keep a knife, matchbox, and Hanuman Chalisa over their bedhead.
  • Put a picture of Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga, and Kali in their room.
  • Sprinkle Gangaajal and burn incense sticks in the room.
  • Quit using bad words, abusive terms, and bitter words to the spirits or the native energy. This will make them angrier. 
  • Make the native wear a garland of Rudraksha.
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis. It wards off the negative energy.
  • Plant a white plant at the main entrance of the house.

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