7 Biggest Problems Why Modern Day Relationships Fail


To be very honest, modern-day relationships have become a joke. The way we see relationships today is definitely not the feeling it is meant for. Love is a beautiful definition which we can’t describe in words.

It is an unexplainable feeling of hearts that cannot be conveyed through words.

However, this definition has changed in the modern world or we can say Love has become just a word four alphabets with no emotions or feelings. Moreover, new-age relationships are just about insecurities, jealousy, time pass, and lust. Certainly, we are committing some mistakes and that is the reason most of the relationships lack in achieving a happy ending. So in this context lets talk about 7 Biggest Problems Why Modern Day Relationships Fail.

Lust Comes Before Love

It is one of the main reasons why most of the relationships fail today. In fact, modern-day relationships are just a hunger for lust.

We need to understand that there is a big difference between Love and Lust. In other words, we can say Love is soul while Lust is just an attraction towards the body.

Therefore, if you are in a relationship, try to understand each other, be clear regarding your thoughts, give a space for love, physical emotion will develop automatically.

Lack of commitment

Lack of Commitments

Another main reason why most of the relationships fail to reach the end is the Lack of Commitments. Modern couples are afraid of making long-term commitments. Promising millions of things is easy but actually fulfilling them needs a lot of courage and will to do that.

Today, people perhaps like to break rather than trying to mend it. However, there are still many couples who look very positive in a relationship and are trying their level best to fulfil the commitments or promises they have made.

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Tired of Being single

It sounds a bit funny but its the actual truth of relationships these days. Most people come in a relationship just for the sake of being committed. Actually they like this so-called tag Committed” and nothing else.

Remember one thing being Single is much better than being into a fake relationship. Unfortunately, this thought is not included in the dictionary of modern couples. They just want to indulge themselves in fake relationships and end-up standing nowhere.

commited tag

Affairs Behind The Back

One of the most common and biggest problems among the relationships of today. The involvement of the third person is always a curse for a well-going relationship. However, this problem only appears when you are not happy with your love life and you to try to bring a third person in your life which is completely not acceptable.

If you are not happy with your relationship, try to sort the things out and if it doesn’t work just happily break up rather than betraying the other person.

Incompatibility Of Thoughts

By this, I mean “Ego“. Differences between two persons occur only when their thoughts didn’t match with each other. If one person says “Yes” and the other says “No” its obvious that it’s going to be a clash of thoughts.

No doubt, modern relationships fail due to incompatibility of thoughts or we can say ego comes in between the Love. However, a perfect relationship is all about giving first priority to your love, keeping all these things such as “Ego”, “Attitude” aside.

impact of social media

Impact Of Social Media

Agree with it or not, Social Media plays the role of villain in most of the relationships of today. No doubt, Technology has brought us closer but at the same time its the main reason why most the relationships fail.

The secret flirting, personal messages, and picture stalking seriously make the relationships much weaker. Moreover, people spend much of their time on Social media forgetting about their personal life which is another cause why there is a lack of communication between the couples.

Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationships

Long Distance Relationships are just about trust issues. It is very understandable for the distance to make you feel paranoid about your partner. However, its a fact that in most cases long-distance relationships fail to reach their end.

The main problems which occur in long-distance relationships are Miscommunication, Loneliness, Drifting Apart, Trust Issues, Time, Insecurity, etc. Therefore, while you are in a long-distance relationship you need to be very careful and understanding is key to every successful relationship.

These were some of the major details regarding the problems of modern-day Relationships. Also, you may like to read about: Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2020 You’ll Want To Follow

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