Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2020 You’ll Want To Follow

Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2020 You’ll Want To Follow

Your wedding is a day to start fresh and set on a journey with life-long adventure. So, why not choose the best wedding trends to begin with the quest?

Green Vibe Wedding

Green Vibe Wedding

By green, I don’t mean cannabis. I mean greenery.

The Green vibe at the wedding has many benefits. First, it is an unbeatable choice for a fresh scented decoration. Second, it is a sustainable form of decor that you can afford even when your wedding is an unplanned surprising event for you.

The green vibe embraces supreme natural scents, perks of flowers, and an unrefined cum Rural appeal. So, with the color of Green, the decor of green give your new life a big green signal for bottomless happiness.

Beach Side Wedding

Beach Side wedding trend

Beaches are a specific kind of lure. Under the soothing sun, amid the sizzling sound of waves, and softness of the sand two people make a promise of togetherness, is it any less than a live romantic movie scene?

With a remix of the table, embellishment of blue & pink aesthetics, it can add to your extra vigorous and happy wedding.

Also, it can be a great idea for the reception of a wedding in 2020.

Floral Wedding

Floral trend

Who doesn’t love flowers? Their scent is one of the purest forms of nature’s enchantments. They look extra and vibrant. And well, that’s what wedding celebrations are about.

The floral decor has been a big allure in the wedding trend 2019. The trend of floral decoration has always been popular. However, with the inspiring event of Virat and Anushka’s wedding, it became of the most popular.

Long Banquet

Long Banquet wedding trend

Marriages are one such event that brings together all the family and spread the sparkling smile among all. Especially for people with a an XL size family, a round or long banquet table around the bright round lighting is the best picks among all the wedding trends 2020.

You and your favorite people sitting in a row, under beautiful decorations, and around delicious food on a big table can give you both a feeling of inspiration and bliss at the same time. Just Imagine.

Fancy City Style

Fancy City Style wedding trend

For a once in lifetime event like wedding, every bride and groom has their own dream wedding style. Amongst the most popular trends so far, a city-style fancy wedding is yet a dazzling spell.

The enchanting scent of sandalwood, charismatic old-rose pink adornment and designer walls can make your wedding an extra-joyous affair.

Insta-worthy Decor

Insta-worthy Decor wedding trend

On the flip side to the joy of modern marriages, there is a dire need for Insta-worthy pictures. Or how else will the wedding ceremony be complete? A great picture holds a great amount of memory. Thus, undoubtedly, a backdrop that creates a flood of wow and love on Instagram is a must.

Furthermore, you can choose bold colors, bright decor, food inspired by numerous regions to add cherry on your wedding menu.

Self-service Trail Wedding

Self-service Trail

Wedding trends are an occasion to forget the problems of the practical world, wear gleaming new clothes and dance on the floor. Therefore, embrace fooding at your wedding by self-service.

As a brutal and yet funny truth, food is a subject matter of everybody’s prime interest in a wedding. Well, to sort your half of the tension, you can choose a self-service buffet and bar to cut off your headache regarding serving of food.

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