Rahu in 7th house of Birth Chart?

Rahu in Seventh House is all about Sex. Let this be very evident. We live in the human world and hence along with Sexual union comes the union of two families which we call ‘Marriage’! So – the leadership of the seventh house has certain importance.

Also of great significance is the seventh sub lord. It is essential to place the seventh house in Chalit Kundali as well. Aspects of the seventh house are indeed vitally important even in D9 Navamsa chart. Asking the effects of Rahu in the house of unions and partnerships is like wondering how the honeymoon is going to be.

You can’t understand and no one can help you with the answer. Because there are so many factors that play their part- in shaping a good or a bad honeymoon’s experience!

So, Let’s not draw conclusions and since you’ve asked, we’re not going to disappoint you for the only reason that many people have misconceptions about this placement. Anyway, Rahu, the name is itself associated with lots of confusion and fear. This answer will hopefully help clear some clouds of darkness. 

Rahu in the seventh house provides the native with a very intellectual life-partner. He/She may be interested to get married – for a certain reason! Shocked? DOn’t be.  But why does this happen? All thanks to Rahu!

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Insatiable Hunger Of Rahu-

  • Rahu is your desires, your obsessions. In 7th house, the native is obsessed to find a perfect partner. Who could help achieve their dreams, desires, your selfish motives! A strong contextual justification is that Rahu is deemed as the head of the demon and has a body-less existence. It creates a mysterious kind of sexual hunger inside of the native.
  • But more often than not, the word “Perfect Partner” is the biggest reason behind marriage delays. Since Rahu is that selfish and greedy desire that wants a partner who can serve the purpose just Perfectly.

A Saying!

There was a man who remained unmarried all his life. Somebody asked him, when he was dying, 90 years old, “You have remained unmarried your whole life, but you have never told the reason why. Now that you are dying, at least quench our curiosity. If there is any secret, now you can tell it, because you are dying; you will be gone. Even if the secret is known, it can’t harm you.”

The man said, “Yes, there is a secret. It is not that I am against marriage, but I was searching for a perfect woman. I searched and searched, and my whole life slipped by.”
The inquirer asked, “But upon this big earth, so many millions of people, half of them women, couldn’t you find one perfect woman?”
A tear rolled down from the eyes of the dying man. He said, “Yes, I did find one.”
The inquirer was absolutely shocked. He said, “Then what happened? Why didn’t you get married?”
And the old man said, “But the woman was searching for a perfect husband.”

Effects On 7th House-

  • Now you see, that’s the effect Rahu has in the 7th house. It simply makes you obsessed towards anything, be it sexual pleasures or finding a perfect partner!
  • Particularly, in this case, the man became fascinated with the idea of perfection. The indigenous often seek perfection and excellence in their companions. And a man who is behind ‘perfection’ is already hailing for the hell!
  • Rahu in 7th is a quintessential example of man ‘chasing for a perfect partner’!
    The 7th Rahu-born man is certainly super glad when he finds the ideal woman with the perfect shape. Ah! When she talks, he feels like she’s singing some melody when she smiles, he feels as though the whole world is smiling and happy.  And so he jumps on his horse and finally gets married! AND the real picture begins! Somebody then questioned, what was that? That was just a ‘trailer’ – and trailers are always catchy and appealing – else who will come to watch the ‘movie’?
  • The native then feels deceived, as if somebody tricked them. And no one is to blame but his own madness for perfection. is own ignorance and foolishness, his own strong desires for having a perfect partner who could provide security, love and physical closeness.
  • But 7th Rahu is not finished yet. He never realizes his own mistakes. So, the next thing, to begin with, is the ‘blame game’. It either separates the couple or they never trust each other yet stay together to preserve their family life.
  • And an unhappy married life is an ideal environment for secretive extra-marital affairs. So if other elements are unfavorable. The native with Rahu in the seventh house might become involved with that ‘other’ female or ‘other’ man. 
  • Nonetheless, Sex is enjoyed- but the cost of the sexual union is far more painful than those few hours he enjoys in bed. Rahu is the desire and such person who is born with a strong desire to satisfy his immense, over-obsessive sexual impulse.  And since human birth comes to let you satisfy your desires – Rahu in 7th house provides you with sexual experiences – good or bad, that depends on the placement of Mars and seventh house lordship.

Obsession Of Rahu-

Obsession Of Rahu
  • But Rahu never stops. Mars or a Martian will stop when it is done but Rahu goes on forever. Neither his sexual mandates are satisfied, nor his habit of pursuing all the gleaming and flashy stuff stops. He just goes on about it until one day he collapses dead. And then taken to the graveyard, just to return to his pursuit for significantly greater sexual desires for a further life. That life – human or animal, relies on the fate of his or her karma.
  • If there are other aspects that support you as well, you see a henpecked husband who never goes beyond his wife’s word! The native might become obsessed with his wife to the extent that it begins to be a danger to the existence of his mother. Because then he would never listen to his mom but only his wife! 
  • Rahu itself being the planet of Obsession, here with its connection to 7th house makes the native marry the partner that he’s obsessed about. However, after some time when the hangover will be over, he will again go to the search of his sexual hunger.
  • Rahu is a big time taboo-breaker, it represents an amplification of things, an obsession, something that the native shouldn’t have morally, but they want it anyhow. And one is ready to take any risk in order to get what they want.

Once a man with Rahu in 7th house asked a good question. He asked: “How can I fulfill my desires – sexual, material….”

And the answer is found in this beautiful quote: “The moment you become aware of your desires you can easily see that no desire can ever be fulfilled.” – Osho


  •  Rahu in 7th house – the native should definitely meditate because this is the only way to experience a much more rewarding life. A life that is no longer obsessive to a certain desire but free from all desires. 
  • The best way to combat the intense sexual desires of this placement is to become rather fully cognizant of your ‘ self ‘ and the way to consciousness, to awareness, to self-realization through meditation
  • Planet placements is one thing and the other dimension of your life is ‘Will-power’. you can definitely raise the level of your consciousness and awareness with strong will-power.
  • You are no longer the same. Things around may be same but you, you certainly have changed, you have now arrived and discovered your peace

Meditate, pray, eat, sleep! Let your life be more like a poem, like a song. Let joy be the only answer to all your questions.

The greater the consciousness the greater is the joy of your life!


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