Will Rahul Dravid Be Team India’s New Head Coach? Astrologers Predict

Rahul Dravid horoscope

India’s poor performance in the ongoing T20 World Cup has raised fingers not only on the players but also on the BCCI management, which seems to be struggling at choosing the right team combination that could lead India to victory.

Amidst the tussle, the news of the hour is that Ravi Shastri’s term as Indian Cricket team’s head coach is coming to an end, and team India is now looking for a new head coach. Having said that, the legendary Rahul Dravid has applied to fill in the shoes, and lead team India as head coach.

So Will the Stars Favours Dravid?

Also, referred as ‘The Wall’ or ‘Mr Dependable,’ the likes of Dravid as a player are well known. He is the only player after Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar to have scored more than 10,000 runs in Test cricket (for the curious you wondering how many runs had Kohli scored in the Test till date, the number is – 7,765).

Born on Jan 11, 1973, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, at the time of Dravid’s birth, as many as 5 planets – Rahu, Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury – were placed in his 9th house. The placement has allowed him the virtue of discipline, which had guided him greatly in life.

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But do we see Dravid starting his new innings as team India’s head coach? To get an answer to the question, we asked our astrologers to dig out Rahul Dravid’s horoscope for Oct 30, 2021 – Dec 21, 2021, and here is what we found:

The aforementioned period is very favourable for Rahul due to pleasant planetary positions in his chart, especially of Shani. This period will be highly productive and he will be able to enjoy life with full optimism and enthusiasm. There will be enough opportunities in terms of career, and he himself will be inspired to take on new roles. Rahul Dravid will find that the opposite sex will help him in different spheres of life. Speculative activities will also be gainful for him. 

So, as per our astrologers’ prediction, it’s obvious that the Wall is only going to get stronger in the coming days aka he will be team India’s next head coach. 

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