Must Read These Amazing Facts If You Invest in Real Estate

Astrology in Real Estate

House, properties, Real Estate hold the potential to change the world of a trader. In Economics and Constitution, one that trades into the Real Estate has a significant nomination and position. Typically, it enables economic activity both profitable and unprofitable. It provides employment across a wide range of sectors and is an attractive asset to investment firms. Buying property is a critical decision since it involves significant financial expenditure.

Wait, what if you had an all-conquering hack to never fail when you invest in Real Estate? Well, Astrology came in a form of helping hand in the world. It has served people in many manners. Also, it can provide valuable perspectives on how to make decisions on property-related matters.

Let’s explore the details step by step and learn how you can draw maximum benefits through your investments.

Planetary Position for Houses and Property

In Vedic Astrology, the fourth house governs all the aspects related to real estate and immovable property. With the aid of the fourth house, you can enjoy many benefits of buying any kind of property.

When the lord of 4th House and the ascendant planets are in a benefic position in the horoscope, therefore you can enjoy great benefits in real estate. In some cases, the lord of the 10th house and the fourth house make up a quadrant or trine arrangement. It is a favorable boundary wall and yet you can take the bliss of the comfort it offers.

Further, planets have a significant role to play in the purchasing of property. For instance, the Moon enhances the entire aspect of buying or selling a house. Whereas, Mercury governs in an aesthetically pleasing house. In addition, Jupiter rules over how big or small the house will be. On the other hand, Venus governs over the beauty of the place. Thus, the position of these planets rules over what type of house you can have in your lifetime.

Sun, a pride planet and Ketu, a spiritual planet work exactly opposite from the above planets. These planets offer a person a weak home. In addition, the shadow planet Rahu and the slow planet Saturn work towards giving an old house. Mars gives fire vulnerable house.

A strong position of Moon offers a great result. Like, a strong Moon can offer you the bliss of multi-story villa if the Moon and Venus are together in a horoscope. That can also happen if the planets are exalted in the fourth house. The buyer will get a brick house if Ketu and Mars come together in this house. Jupiter gives a wooden house in this house, and a straw hut is given by Sun.

Property Endowment

When you consult astrology for property purchases, you can gain some valuable insights on property matters. However, here are some points that reflect property endowment in your Horoscope.

  • When the fourth lord and lord of the Lagna are well placed, a person will own many properties. If the fourth house has a good connection with the ninth lord they will inherit the estate of their father.
  • This is because the ninth house rules the father. He or she will inherit property from his or her maternal grandfather if the fourth lord is well placed in the second house.
  • A person can inherit property from a spouse’s father or can get landed property after marriage. This happens when the strong fourth lord is well placed in the seventh house.
  • Also, if the fourth lord becomes weak or has connections with the sixth house, he or she can face litigation on ancestral property.

Property Loss

In Real Estate buying and selling, there are numerous planetary positions and planetary combinations that can cause you loss of property. Read ahead to know if you have any such combination in your Horoscope. However, in a Kundli, the 4th House represents and rules over matters relating to land, house & properties.

  • When the Lord of 4th House is in the 3rd house with other benefic planets, it shall cause you loss of property.
  • In addition to this, if the lord of 4th House is in the 8th house in a malefic position, it causes property loss.
  • Further, there can be a loss of property due to several reasons as per different planetary positions. For instance, if the lord of 4th House sits in the 6th or 8th or 12th house and aspects the house of Ascendant then it causes loss of property due to governmental actions.
  • Similarly, if the lord of 4th House happens to be with planet Sun, therefore it creates debilitated effects.

Attain Success in Real Estate Business

  • The second house of Horoscope rules over the sources of income of a person. Whereas, the 10th house rules over career and the rules of the eleventh house gain sources. Therefore, in order to achieve success in the Real Estate business, it essential to have a strong 2nd and 10th house.
  • Real Estate Business can flourish when the lord of the 4th house is strong, and is in the tenth or eleventh house, aspected by Venus.
  • Also, profit through real estate takes place when the lord of 11th House is positioned in the fourth house with planet Mars or Venus.
  • Further, earning through selling in Real Estate becomes easy when Venus sits in the 2nd house along with the well-placed lord of the 10th or 11th house.
  • Mars is the Karaka of the homeland. A person with a strong position of Mars is bestowed with a fine home at their native place. Also, earning through real estate and buildings is possible when Mars becomes the fourth lord and associates with the second or tenth lord.

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