Remedies for Weak Sun in Horoscope


Sun in the horoscope represents authority, designation, dignity, ego, confidence, father, and father figure. All the respect that you earn in life comes by the grace of planet Sun. However, when in the wrong position, it can make you a lack of the things mentioned above. If you have a weak or afflicted Sun in your horoscope, then it is very important for you to know Remedies for Weak Sun in addition to the Mantras and worship to please Lord Sun. According to the scriptures, it is not very difficult to please him.

According to the scriptures, Lord Sri Surya is also called Hiranyagarbha. Hiranyagarbha means a golden-colored aura in the womb itself. Lord Sun is called Rav, Dinkar, Dinesh, Tapas, etc. Sunday is considered to be the day of Sun God. Worshiping planet Sun on this day is considered extremely virtuous.

Worship of Lord Sun brings name, fame, happiness, prosperity, wealth, longevity, health, honor, glory, magnificence, wisdom, good fortune, and positive self-expression. Lord Sun also protects from the crisis.

How to Please Planet Sun

  • Take a bath early in the morning on Sunday and offer water to the Sun, after this, offer red flowers, red sandalwood, jaggery, flowers, rice and worship the planet Sun.
  • Offer jaggery or sweets made from jaggery and rice to the holy rivers. You must do it on Sunday of Shukla Paksha.
  • If the native offers copper coins into the river and makes sweet dishes by their hand on Sunday and feeds the poor and needy, then it brings auspicious.
  • Offering jaggery in temples on Sunday is also beneficial.
  • Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra at sunrise can also be very useful.

Effective Remedies for Weak Sun

  • Worship Lord Vishnu every day.
  • Feed monkies and cows on a regular basis.
  • Offer Arghya (water) to the Sun in the morning.
  • Observe strict fast on Sunday.
  • Eat sweet and drink water before stepping out of the house.
  • Honor your father and maintain a healthy relationship with him.
  • Read Aditya Hridaya Stotra.
  • Chant the Gayatri Mantra every day.
  • Donate copper, wheat, and jaggery to poor people.
  • Eat sweet before starting any work.
  • Cut a piece of copper into two parts. Shed one in water and keep the other with yourself forever.
  • Chant “Om Rān Rāveeya Namāh or Om Ghrini Surya Namāh” 108 times.

Surya Mantra- Mantra to Please Planet Sun

Chanting Mantra creates a vibration that resonates with energy. It is also one of the most powerful ways to connect with the energy. If you want to please Lord Sun, then chanting these mantras will definitely be fruitful.

This mantra is derived from Suktha “Rashtra Vardhan”. While doing Suryopasana, apply red sandalwood tilak on your forehead and chant this Mantra to please Lord Sun.

Oon khokholkaya shantay karanatrayahetve
Nivedayami Chatmanam Namaste Gyanarupine.
Tvmeva Brahma Paramapo Jyoti Rasomritam.
Bhurbhuva: Svatvamokara: Sarva Rudra: Sanatana:.

It is believed that by chanting these mantras, all your wishes come true and peace and happiness reside in your house. Also, it creates a harmonious atmosphere at your home and you never suffer from a lack of money.

Worship Idol of Planet Sun

Placing a worship idol of Lord Sun is also one of the effective Remedies for Weak Sun. Here are some idols that you may bring home

Stone Idol –

Bringing any type of stone idol of Surya Dev into the house makes you succeed in land-related issues. If you or anyone is facing any problem in the existing land or property, then they can bring the stone idol of Lord Sun home and you will surely get success.

Statue studded with gems –

If such an idol of the planet Sun with studded gems is placed in the house, it strengthens our resolve power. To get more benefits, you must light an earthen lamp daily in front of this idol.

Silver idol-

If a silver idol of Sun God is installed in the house then it improves the career. Such people achieve quick success in life.

Statue made of gold-

If a statue made of gold of Lord Surya is installed in the house, it is worshiped with utter devotion then it brings financial benefits.

Idol made of wood –

If you worship the wood of Ebony idol of sun god, then it will raise your luck a star. Apart from this, the disease will be destroyed and the resolving power of the person also increases.

But don’t take such idol

Every idol of the planet Sun mentioned above gives some blessing but there are some idols that should not be brought at home. You should never bring home an idol of the Sun made of iron, glass, or lead metal. Such sculptures invite Bad Luck.

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