Santan Gopal Puja- Bless Your Life With a Child

Santan Gopal Puja- Bless Your Life With a Child

The blessing of a child is promising in a women’s life and the one who is craving knows the pain. After a stage, life without a child seems incomplete and meaningless. A mother can do anything to protect her child from any danger. Moreover a bearing a child is the most special and auspicious phase in a women’s life. However, the precious nine months is the most crucial and thrilling moment. There come multiple complications while pregnancy and one should take the necessary precautions. When the obstacles like this happen we should adopt the Santan Gopal Puja.

Despite the measurements, there comes time miscarriages occur. Well, there’s nothing we can do in such a situation but to pray for things to work out in our favor. This puja is generally carried out on behalf of the ones trying to beget a child out of a marriage. It helps and brings the native the precious gift of a child.

What is Santan Gopal Puja?

The Puja comprises of regular chanting of a specific mantra to remove any potential hurdle in the process of begetting a child. This mantra is in dedication to Lord Krishna, he is the lord that blesses child. Also, the vibrational energies radiating from the hymn will give mental peace. The expectant mother will feel safe and all problems will remain away from them. It’s a powerful chant that yields the desired result.

Santan Gopal Puaj

Further, the mantra nourishes the womb well from any future issues. This Vedic mantra radiates cosmic energies that endows one with sane health and relaxes the body to a great extent. Women suffering from frequent miscarriages should definitely perform this puja. However, women on their monthly cycles should avoid the chanting of the mantra. This will reverse the process.

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How to perform the Puja?

The puja should be conceptualized in the morning after bath. The priest will chant the mantras for you. It requires sitting on a yellow cloth in the northern direction. One also needs an image or idol of baby Krishna in front of them. Moreover, light an incense stick and offer God with fruits and sweets before the Puja begins. Now with full concentration hear the chants and take in positive energy.

Santan Goapl Puja

There’s a specific date on which the ceremony takes place. After the completion of the ritual distribute the ‘prasad’ among the family members. Through the puja, the Santan dosh in the birth chart will diminish. Also, one should refrain from eating nonveg food and any kind of liquor. The client has to follow these basic rules and the rest the pandit will handle

The mantras are recited more than 125000  for its effect to show. The puja is observed by experienced priests with a great deal of expertise in their field. They have all the knowledge of Vedic literature and work in making your family life best. The expectant mother and the ones wishing for a child you are in safe hands with our priests. Book your Santan Gopal Puja to remove all hindrance in your happiness.

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