Satyanarayan Puja- significance and rituals

Satyanarayan Puja- significance and rituals

Satyanarayan Puja is a meaningful ritual in many Hindu traditions where devotees worship Lord Vishnu as he’s the supreme God of tranquility. In general, Satya means ‘truth‘ and Narayan means ‘highest power‘. It is the most sacred ritual in the Hindu religion. It also keeps away all evil and wickedness at bay.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when you face some challenges and hurdles in life. To make happiness and peace exist in our lives, you perform this puja. Also, social gatherings, childbirth or to embark on any positive journey people observe this puja. Also, Hindu mythology believes that this puja is beneficial in bringing peace and harmony in life.

History of the Puja

According to Hindu legends, Lord Narad Muni once gave a visit to Mrityulok that is earth. He saw the immense sadness of humans sufferings. He approached Lord Vishnu and asked the almighty to end their pain. Lord Vishnu suggested that whosoever performs the holy Vrat, and the Satyanarayan ritual all his sufferings will come to a halt.

Significance of Satyanarayan Puja

You already know that Satya means truth, so this puja ensures honesty and prosperity. Further, it blesses a family with wealth and growth. Anybody can perform this ritual, irrespective of gender or age. Lord Vishnu is the good lord personified as the soul being of truth. So basically people worship him before commencing on a new jaunt.

Satyanarayan Puja

The priest reads the Shree Satyanaryan Katha and endows the house with positive energy. Furthermore, in Bengal, people call it Satya Pir. The people there honor the god before entering a new house or before starting a new business. Whereas in Maharasthra, a community in the name Chitpavan has deep faith in Lord Satyanarayana. Also in Andhra Pradesh, the Sri Satyanarayana Swamy at Annavaram is the most religious temple. It is in dedication to Lord Vishnu. People from all parts of the country visit the temple and offer their prayers.

According to ancient texts, the kings and wealthy men use to conduct the puja to overcome any obstacles. Also, one should invite as many friends and relatives will yield a great result.

How to perform the Puja

Anyone can perform the ritual but only on a full moon day. The ideal time for the Satyanarayan Puja is in the morning or evening after taking a bath. Also, one should fast until the whole ritual gets over. First, the puja starts with the devotee offering prayer to Lord Ganesha the God of abundance. A special Prashad is prepared for the devotees. The holy Panchamrit consists of milk, honey, sugar, yogurt, and ghee. However, apart from Lord Vishnu and Ganesha, the nine planets in astrology are also worshipped.

Satyanarayan Puja

Further, the pouring of the sacred Pnachamrit on the image of Lord Vishnu takes place. The chant of Satyanaryan is repeated 1008 times during the ritual. A special Yagya is set and flowers and other fruits are put as an offering in the fire. The priest reads the Satyanaryan Katha and everyone listens to it carefully. However one should hire a good purohit for performing these rituals.

After the five-part story ends, everyone takes part in the Aarti. The lightning of the aarti is most important, it spread the positive energy in the house. After all the necessary customs are over the devotees observe the auspicious Prashad.

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