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Scorpio personality

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) 

Donning sensuality with a smear of confidence, elegance and passion, these are a mere 10 per cent of words that describe the Scorpio personality. The water sign of the zodiac jungle is a highly misunderstood sign. Why? Well, because in one moment, they can make you feel that they are most compatible with you, while in the other, poles apart. In astrology, there is a belief that one who understands the Scorpio personality gets very close to understanding humanism. To examine, one can compare the Scorpio personality with the weather in the mountains. One has to spend years amidst the bliss to understand the notorious yet quick weather shift cycle. Similarly, if you seek to understand a Scorpio, it takes an investment of a lifetime. And, thankfully, it is worth the time. 

Scorpio is a water sign. Waters signs in astrology are known for their assertiveness, determination, passion and loving nature. However, on the negative side, these signs can also be very self-centred, cold and not good with keeping promises. Scares you a bit? Well, to be honest, we all have our share of pros and cons, and if you like someone for their pros, you must also accept their cons. Well, a bit of philosophy here and there shouldn’t make us part ways from the motive of this post, which is understanding the personality and traits of Scorpio. So, here we go:  

Scorpio Personality

Raise your hand if you have dated a Scorpio, ever. The Scorpio sign is mostly associated with sex and sensuality. This comes as an obvious fact as they rule the reproductive organs of the body. However, the above two lines shouldn’t inspire you to find a Scorpio on the swiping apps for a one night stand. The warning is because of two reasons:

First, apart from being sensual and high on sex drive, the Scorpios are also very shy. They won’t open their realms easily. In a nutshell, you have to be very humorous and ‘different’ to find a place in a Scorpio’s life. And second, even if you make friends with them, but to enjoy their sensuality, they need to be emotionally attached to you. What we are highlighting here is, unlike Aries, Scorpios are not usually the kind who would get attached too soon or move on too quick. So you have to be patient with them.

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Scorpios are really cryptic and emotional people. And you need to have those qualities to breach their space and win their approval. However, faking it won’t work. A Scorpio usually tends to close themselves off to the ones who don’t know them well or simply try too much. They reveal very little about themselves in the initial stages, leaving the remaining iceberg of information for that one night when they would be cuddling with you.

Apart from these lovey-dovey traits, a Scorpio personality is also said to be very goal-oriented and passionate. Creating value from the life they are living comes before everything else for them. When Scorpio wants something in life, they chase it until they have either achieved it or till a point where achieving it or not achieving it won’t matter. However, though the Scorpio’s are an archiver, their goals are usually fueled by others’ opinions. They, mostly, keep society on the front foot and themselves on the back. And this, sometimes, pushes them into a space where they don’t belong. 

Moreover, a Scorpio is also a jealous kind. When we talk about jealousy, there are two types of jealousy in existence. One is being jealous of someone’s personality, looks, power, status, etc. This kind of jealousy makes us needy, sadistic and sometimes greedy. The other type of jealousy is the one that inspires. Inspires in the sense that it makes you work harder to earn success like the one the other person is enjoying.

Scorpio belongs to the first category. They usually compare their possessions, goals, etc. with others and end up disappointing themselves. Out of everything they feel intensely, jealousy occupies the top spot and usually prompts negative thoughts and decisions for the natives.

Scorpio Traits

Every zodiac sign has some positive and negative traits in its kitty. Interestingly, that is what makes us human. So if you have been looking out for positive and negative Scorpio traits, then here are some:

Scorpio positive traits 

1. Confident – Be it a speech they have to give or propose love to someone in the middle of nowhere, the Scorpio will be up for the task invariably. Scorpio are really born confident. And even if they aren’t, it takes very little effort for them to hone that skill for themselves.

2. Brave – You can surely trust the Scorpio to go and search for the candles when the house is out of lights. The fact that they get influenced by others opinions does one good for them i.e. makes them brave. They face challenges like it’s their job and would really inspire you to adopt that skill.

3. Ambitious – Another among Scorpio traits is that they are really passionate and ambitious about their life and goals. They don’t like becoming a burden on someone and thus do whatever they can in their capacity to fulfil their dreams. 

4. Sensual – Sensuality is a controversial Scorpio trait. While some Scorpio natives use it in the right place and right time, others, on the other hand, use it as a weapon to quench their thirst for physical relationships. However, that number is really small.

5. Loyal – In a relationship with a Scorpio? Scorpio in love is a give it all kind of person. They not only are stringently loyal but also make sure you are able to trust them with life. You will experience respect and what a real relationship is when you are with a Scorpio.

Scorpio negative traits 

1. Self Centred – Goal-oriented Scorpio can really get self-centred. They like to do everything in their set schedule and expect that you give them the time when they are available for the conversation. This is one negative Scorpio trait that leaves many irritated. 

2. Jealous – As we have mentioned above, Scorpio natives can really get jealous about someone’s success, materialistic possessions and whatnot. Also, their jealousy fuels in them the need to take revenge on someone for a reason or two.

3. Cunning – Apart from their intellect, Scorpios use their sensuality to get the work done. It’s really difficult for anyone to know what’s going on in their head. This Scorpio trait often results in one getting confused about their feelings.  

4. Ruthless – Though the Scorpios are not really a revenge type. But if you really hurt their feelings and they take it personally, then you better pray to God to save you from the wrath that oozes out of them. Scorpio in a relationship is about give and take, what you give them is what you would give you back. 

5. Secretive – Though not as secretive as a Sag or Taurus, but you can always suspect that the Scorpio in your life is hiding something from you. However, this secretive nature has its form as what the Scorpio hides is mostly a problem, which they don’t want you to worry about. However, there is also a share of stories/spells/magic and whatnot that they hide.

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Scorpio in love 

Very shy initially, Scorpio in love, let’s you breach their romantic space slowly aka, they are never in a hurry to fall in love. They tend to wait for the right one and that would be someone who is, of course, very sensual, humorous, logical, inspired and really hard working. Scorpio in love is the perfectionist kind. They cherish you for your bright and appealing personality. And if you are well aware of all the fashion trends in the industry, then you surely are a keeper for the wonderful Scorpio. 

However, once you start dating a Scorpio, you will realise how they are very traditional in nature. While they seek one to present themselves as a modern human, they also want you to have all the traditional habits. When it comes to choosing a life partner, Scorpios like the one who is a bit old school and admirably romantic. They seek to go out on adventures and achieve their goals with you. And if you have been looking for someone with such qualities, then Scorpio is the one for you.

Scorpio in family 

For any Scorpio, their family is the top priority. They are strictly faithful to their family and can really give up on any other relationship to keep the former intact. The Scorpio personality is influenced by the Moon and the planet bestows these people a sense of sensitivity and attachment. So if you are ever close to a Scorpio, you will find yourself attached to them more than anyone else. 

Even as a friend, the Scorpio is to remain a devoted mate. You can rely on them to come to your rescue and help you in times when no one would. However, one problem with the Scorpio personality is that they lack the sense of understanding a person completely, and due to this, they come under the influence of people who are here to only use them for their betterment. 

Scorpio Compatible Signs 

The zodiac sign that is most compatible with Scorpio is Taurus. Scorpio, ruled by the planet Mars and Taurus, by the planet Venus, are poles apart in character and that is what makes them even more compatible. Both Scorpio and Taurus are very sensual signs, and all the 24/7 sex they have ultimately results in they developing feelings for each other. 

Other than Taurus, Scorpio is also compatible with Virgo and Capricorn. These two signs are very humorous and fun to be around, which are qualities that Scorpio really adore.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Celebrities  

Hmm!! Scorpio zodiac sign celebrities? Well, there are quite a few starting with the charming ‘YOU’ web series actor Penn Badgley. Then we have Kendall Jenner, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Emma Stone and Kiernan Shipka aka Sabrina. 

Indian Scorpio celebrities

Kamal Hassan, Zeenat Aman, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Juhi Chawla, Raveena Tandon are some famous Indian Scorpio celebrities 

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