Sharad Navratri 2020- Muhurat, Astrological Remedies For Each Zodiac

Sharad Navratri 2020- Muhurat, Astrological Remedies For Each Zodiac

In our country, the festival of Navratri is celebrated with great zest. There four types of Navratri that fall every year. Sharad Navratri begins on Pratipada in the Shukla Paksha of Ashwini month. The festival of Navaratri mostly falls in the month of September or October every year and lasts for the next 9 days.

Chaitra and Vasant Navaratri begins on Pratipada in the Chaitra month of Shukla Paksha, falls in the months of March to April every year. With this, begins the Hindu New Year.

Along with these two Navratras, there are two more Navratri. It is also called Ashada Navaratri and Maha Navaratri, both of which are known as Gupta Navaratri. All the customs and rituals of worship in this are done in secret. It is used to achieve all the Siddhis. Commonly, people who are involved in ritualistic practice observe celebration for Gupta Navratri.

Importance of Sharad Navratri

Navratri is mainly a time to worship the strength of Goddess Gupta and the prosperity she brings. At this time we worship the nine forms of the Goddess. Also, we pray to them for strength and righteousness. During Mahanavratri, nine different goddesses in 9 incarnations of Durga are worshiped for 9 days.

Each goddess has her own significance and are worshipped in a significant manner. It resembles the dynamics of strength, prosperity, happiness, peace, and protection. The reverence of every goddess has its own custom and time when you can worship them.

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Sharad Navratri 2020– Navadurga avatar

There are nine forms of Shri Adi Shakti Maa Durga which we worship in Navratri. The nine goddesses worshiped in Navratri are as follows-

Sharad Navratri 2020 Ghata Sthapana Muhurat

Sharad Navratri 2020 will begin on

  • Saturday, 17 October

Ghata Sthapana Muhurat-

06:27 to 10:13 in the morning on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Abhijit Muhurta for Ghatasthapana will be from 11:44 to 12:29 am

Sharad Navratri 2020 end on

  • Sunday, 25 October

Navratri Parana Time begins at 07:44:04

Sharad Navratri 2020- Effect on Each Zodiac Sign and Remedies

Worshipping and chanting Mantra according to Zodiac Sign during Navaratri may bring success and happiness in life. So, read below how you can please the warrior goddess


Worshiping Devi Bhagwati, Devi Tara, Devi Saraswati, and Devi Shailputri gives auspicious results to the people born under Aries sign. It brings happiness and security in life. During Navratri, people of Aries should worship with red flowers and a garland of red sandalwood.


The people of Taurus sign should worship mother Brahmacharini. It can fulfill their dreams and desires. At the same time, there would be a trail of happiness and prosperity in their life. Natives of Taurus should worship with a white garland of white sandalwood in Navratri.


People born under the Gemini zodiac should worship Devi Bhuneshwari and the Devi Chandraghanta. This leads to happiness and prosperity in their lives. Natives of Gemini should chant the Gayatri Mantra with a garland of Tulsi. Also, the mother should offer kheer in the prasad.


Devi Siddhidatri is the goddess of good health and prosperity to the people of Cancer. The people of this zodiac should worship the worship of mother Siddhidatri. Especially during Navaratri, the people of Cancer should chant with a white sandalwood garland and offer sweets made with milk.


The native of Leo sign is related to mother Pitambara. Also, worshiping Maa Kalratri will give them all kinds of pleasure and knowledge. At the time of Navratri, the people of Leo zodiac should chant with a garland made of the pink (ruby) gem in Navratri.


The natives born under Virgo should worship the goddess Bhuvaneshwari and Chandraghanta. This calls for happiness, prosperity and happiness in their lives. Also, the natives of the Virgo zodiac should chant the Gayatri Durga mantra while chanting Tulsi garland in Navratri.


Those who are born under Libra zodiac, they should worship Maa Shodashi and Maa Brahmacharini. This creates a state of health and wealth in life. Also, it attracts happiness and prosperity. Apart from this, Librans should chant the mantra of the Goddess with a garland of white sandalwood in Navratri.


The people of Scorpio zodiac should worship Maa Bhagwati, Maa Tara, and Maa Shailputri. It will solve their problems and enhance peace, happiness, and prosperity. Additionally, the natives of the Scorpio zodiac should worship with red flowers and red sandalwood in Navratri and help the poor people.


Worship of goddess Kamala and Siddhidatri would be beneficial for the natives of Sagittarius. It will offer relief from all their suffering. At the same time, happiness and peace prevail in you, there will be an atmosphere of prosperity all around. In addition to this, the people of Sagittarius should chant with the Rudraksha and offer sweets.


People of this zodiac should worship Maa Kali and Siddhidatri. It will give them health benefits and success. Also, the native of Capricorn should offer halwa to the goddess.


Worshiping Goddess Kali and Goddess Siddhidatri would bring the natives of this zodiac happiness and peace to the entire family. It will proffer success both mentally, physically. The natives of Aquarius should offer sweets made of urad dal.


The natives of the Pisces zodiac should worship Goddess Kamala, Siddhidatri, and mother Lakshmi. This will lead to happiness and peace in your house. Also, natives of the Pisces sign should offer sweets and bananas to please the goddess.

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