Significance And Benefits Of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

As a matter of fact, everybody wants to attract luck & fortune especially when it comes to home. A home is a place where you live, where you create memories, so you always want that place to be full of happiness and positive energies. According to Hindi culture, Vastu Vidya is the best way by which we can make our home happy and full of positivity. Whereas in other cultures, it is known as Feng-shui.

If we talk about Hinduism, Lord Kuber is considered as the Lord of wealth and fortune. However, In China people usually keep a statue of Laughing Buddha at their homes to increase good fortune and attract the positive energies around them. They consider Laughing Budhha as an idol who protects them and doubles the benefits of positive vibrations in the house.

Laughing Buddha is usually recognized as, laughing bald man with an overtly exposed pot-belly stomach. This celestial Buddha is also known as Hotei or Pu-Tai.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the significance of laughing Buddha, its different types, placement and the other things you need to take care of while bringing this Laughing Buddha at home.

Significance of Laughing Buddha

As discussed above, Laughing Buddha is a symbol of luck, fortune, positivity, and prosperity. It is basically a part of Fengshui based on ancient Buddhists Monks who lived in China around the 10th century. These monks were eccentric but Laughing Buddha was considered a very loving, caring and humble monk. That is why people mostly in China keep it in their homes, cars, offices to bring laughter and joy in their lives.

These statues are also called the Happy, the Hotei or the Traveling Buddha. It comes in various forms, including ones that are depicted carrying certain items like a pot of gold or a sack filled with treasures. Although, it might be normal for people to buy Laughing Buddha in India. However, in China, there are certain rules and regulations, as they believe one must not selfishly buy the symbol of wealth. If you only keep it only for the greed of wealth, it will affect you negatively.

Different Types

Laughing Buddha with Children: It symbolizes good fortune is coming especially if you have just become a parent. It also represents luck and wealth that the newborn baby has brought with him.

Buddha with Bowl: It represents the life of a monk who spends his whole life just for the happiness of the people. It also represents the difficulties Lord Buddha faced during his lifetime.

Buddha with a Bag: Carrying a sack or a bag represents a traveler. It means Buddha collects the problems of the people and puts them in its sack. In turn, it fills their life with loads of happiness, wealth and good fortune.

Buddha with a Fan: It represents happiness and joy. People say that a waving fan of Buddha clears away all the negatives energies from our lives and the home a happy place to live.

types of laughing buudha

Meaning of Different Positions of Laughing Buddha

  • Buddha sitting in a normal position is a symbol of love, wisdom, and clarity of thoughts.
  • The standing posture of Buddha is a sign of richness, respect, and happiness
  • Gold coins in hands of Buddha represent wealth, luck and fortune.
  • A fan cap on the head represents intelligence and pleasure.
  • Buddha conveying a pack of gold on his back symbolizes flourishing.
  • Buddha sitting on a dragon tortoise symbolizes that you will never face any difficulties in terms of education. It is basically a symbol of success.

Placement of Laughing Buddha

The placement of Buddha plays a very important role in determining the Feng shui of your home. It’s not just you will buy it and keep it at any place of your home. There are certain things that you need to take care of while placing Buddha. Improper placement of Buddha may result in the opposite results. So, things that you need follow for displaying Buddha are:

  • 8th may is considered as the best day to bring Laughing Buddha at home. People say that he was born on this day, so he will fulfill your all desires
  • Always place Laughing Buddha in front of your main door. It attracts luck and fortune
  • Place the Buddha in the east direction of the house or at someplace from where all the family members can see it
  • Placement of Buddha in the one’s Sheng Chi direction (Fengshui formula), its a symbol of luck, victory, success, and self-development
  • Rub the belly of the big fat Buddha every morning. It pleases him and he blesses your life with loads of happiness and joy.
  • You can also place the Buddha in the children’s room. It helps them to focus on study and respect for the parents
  • Laughing Buddha placed in the Southeast direction the fundamental lobby or bedroom of the home brings godsend fortunes and expanded wages in the family.
  • Keeping Buddha on the office desk gives a hike in salary and eliminates enemies.
  • Always place Buddha at the height of equal to eye level
  • Keep it away from the electrical and motor types of equipment.

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