Simple Camphor Burning Rituals for Balancing Astrological Doshas

Simple Camphor Burning Rituals for Balancing Astrological Doshas

We’ve all heard about the positive vibes that burning camphor regularly brings to our surroundings. The ancient wisdom suggests that this ritual not only purges negative energy but also holds the potential to alleviate the grip of stronger life challenges known as Astrological Doshas.

1. Warding Off Vastu Dosha 

The first and foremost of our astrological doshas is Vastu Dosha. 

Your home brimming with harmony, prosperity, and well-being. However, when our home elements don’t follow the rules of Vastu Shastra, we end up facing a lot of negativity. No peace at home, affected income or excessive expenses, bad health and obstacles in almost everything in life are just some of the side effects of the wrong Vastu setting or Vastu Dosha.

And all these side effects can warded off with a gentle glow of burning camphor. Placing two camphor tablets in a Vastu-challenged area acts as a miraculous remedy, gradually dispelling the looming Vastu Dosha.

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2. Conquering Kalsarpa Dosha

Ah, one of the most infamous astrological Doshas. Kalsarpa Dosha causes upheavals and struggles in life. Kalasarpa Dosha in astrology is a planetary alignment where all planets gather between Rahu and Ketu, causing challenges and obstacles.

If this Dosha has found its way into your birth chart, then you might need Camphor to battle it. 

All you need to do is immerse a few tablets in pure ghee, let them dance with flames, and witness the reduction of Kalsarpa Dosha’s negativity.

3. Diminishing Pitru Dosha

Facing the karmic debts of ancestors can be overwhelming, but camphor offers solace. Combat Pitru Dosha by burning camphor tablets dipped in pure ghee three times daily. Allow the healing heat and smoke to permeate your home, lessening the grip of Pitru Dosha gradually. Make sure you do this every day and let the heat and smoke of burning camphor and ghee spread throughout your home for better results.

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4. Sorting Birth Chart Woes

Other than all these astrological doshas, unfavourably positioned stars or planets can wreak havoc on one’s life according to the birth chart. Camphor, when combined with jasmine oil during bathing, acts as a potent remedy. Adopt this ritual on a Saturday to bid farewell to common Doshas like Rahu, Ketu, and Shani Dosha.

Ending With 

If you haven’t given camphor a try in your life, it’s time you do so, especially if you face the consequences of one of these Doshas. When you burn camphor, you must use only pure camphor. Adulterated camphor is quite harmful to your health, and it lacks the healing benefits of burning camphor in the house.

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