Snakes in Dream and their Meanings

Snakes in Dream

Snakes in a dream is a common occurrence. However, if they come almost daily or quite often then it is an alarm for you. Snakes in Hinduism are considered religious creatures. Nevertheless, in reality, a snake dream has negative connotations. A snake is a reptile that is known to snap when you least expect it.

Mostly this creature refers to underlying fears and threat so pay a close look at what it’s trying to symbolize. On the other hand, it signifies temptation sexual or material. In Hindu Mythology a snake is a dream that can have several meanings. Let’s find out some of the relevance of the common dreams.

Bitten by a Snake

If you see a dream where the serpent bites you and instills your body with its venom then it’s a red flag in real life. You are in touch with a person who is not doing you any good and can cause you harm. The bite is symbolic to a human who is planning something evil against you. Another meaning could be that you are poisoning your life with your negative thoughts. Try to delve into more optimism and self-care. Furthermore, the snake bite means suppressed desire within you that have now coiled up.

Being Chased by a Snake

This is one of the most common dreams that people encounter. Being chased by a snake can be life-threatening. It simply means that you are running away from your problems. You are having a hard time coming face to face with a complex situation and so your best option is to avoid it. However, avoiding situations can only cause it to grow bigger and more troublesome.

Fighting a Snake or Snakes in dream

A dream of you fighting a snake can mean that you are trying your level best to tackle a venomous situation or person in your waking life. Maybe you are resistant to change. Moreover, you are fighting for a position in the family or at the workplace.

A Black Snake

Black is associated with treachery and ambiguity. If you see a big black snake in your sleep then mots likely a close one can defy you. It’s time to learn your lesson. In fact, if you have slight doubts about an upcoming project or contract then please think twice. Look out for a potential enemy the dream is trying to signal.

Multiple Snakes in dream

The number of snakes in your dream life also has significance. It can mean several enemies in your life. Also, health issues that you are not aware of come in the form of many snakes in a dream. It is better to have a health checkup just in case.

A King Cobra

If you come face to face with a King Cobra that means that your Kundalini has awakened. Yes, it has spiritual value. In Hinduism, the King Cobra has considered auspicious it’s and killing it ca bring misery in your life. It symbolizes spiritual awakening, fertility, and higher cosmic energy. Seeing the Naga is positive especially for Hindus and Shuv Bhakts.

Dead Snakes in dream

Seeing a dead snake in your slumber is a sign that you have overcome a pending obstacle in your life. You have finally succeeded in defeating the evil concealed people. It is a positive symbol to see a dead snake in your dreams.

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