Spiritual oils and their benefits


Lighting a lamp is a tradition in most of the families and it is something we all have seen our mothers doing. Well, for lighting a lamp, the most important ingredient is oil. Not all oils are beneficial, there are certain spiritual oils that are significant and are beneficial. Read on to know which oil to use to and what are its benefits.

Cow’s ghee

Agni Purana states that cow’s ghee has the capacity to attract the positive vibrations of the surroundings. Therefore, it recommends lighting a lamp with cow’s ghee. The use of cow’s ghee destroys poverty, blesses one with good health, bestows wealth, and blesses with heavenly bliss. Also, it spreads an aura of radiance in the home. Moreover, Goddess Mahalakshmi also gets pleased with the ghee lamp. It attracts one mighty blessing and blesses with good fortune. Hence, with Her grace, all the evil vibrations get destroyed. Also, consuming ghee is highly beneficial as it adds moisture to the skin and brings glow on the face.

Neem Oil

The mixture of neem and mahua oil blesses with the grace of Goddess Parasakhti as well with the grace  Kul devtas. Moreover, it helps to increase wealth in the household. It is quite effective for those having a lot of enemies. Such people should worship Lord Bhairava on Krishna Ashtami with eight lamps of neem oil and perform srahasranama to the Lord. Apart from this, it has beauty benefits as well. It helps one get rid of dandruff and treats dry skin as well. Also, it fades scars and encourages hair health and growth.

Coconut Oil

It is also included in the list of spiritual oils. The one who lights the lamp of coconut oil gets abundantly blessed with the grace of Lord Ganesha. Also, it helps one in fetching the blessings from family deities and increases happiness in the household. Coconut oil is also beneficial for the good health of the heart. Also, it encourages fat burning and has antimicrobial effects as well. Not only spiritual or health, but it is also used as a beauty product too. It protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays and hence decreases the chances of skin cancer.

Castor Oil

Castor oil lamp blesses one with happy family, growth, spiritual development, prosperity as well as fame. Moreover, it also brings good fortune from relatives. Also, this oil has medical significance and is a natural laxative. Apart from it, it is also a natural moisturizer as it retains moisture and prevents water loss through the outer layer of the skin. Applying castor oil to wounds promotes wound healing as it creates a moist environment and prevents sores from drying out.

Mahua Oil

Of all the oils, this oil is effective in fetching the blessings of Lord Shiva. Mahua oil frees one from all the problems of debt and from other health problems.

Sesame Oil

Also known as til oil or gingelly oil, this oil removes the sufferings or obstacles lasting for a long time. However, lightning a lamp with this oil eliminates doshas and also wards off the evil spirits. Also, it gets one rid of the bad karmas and pleases Lord Shani. Even during the time of Shani sade satti, lamp-lit by sesame oil brings relief and peace from the malefic effects of the planet.

Panchadeepa oil

This oil is very very effective and has multiple benefits. It eliminates the evil eye, negative vibes, poverty, illness, and is beneficial for good fortune, good health, happiness, and abundant wealth. Also, it nullifies the evil vibrations from home and fills the atmosphere with positive vibes. One should worship Lord Bhairava on Ashtami and new moon days with the lamps of Panchadeepa oil to get rid of obstacles, misery, and fear. However, for the health-related issues, one should worship Lord Bhairava with lamps lit by this oil on Krishna Ashtami.

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