Strange Beliefs Across the Globe- Do You Know About Them?

Strange Beliefs Across the Globe- Do You Know About Them

There are such strange beliefs not only in India but also abroad, it will surprise you to read.

If you think that India is the only country where there are superstitious people or people who believe in Totakas, then you are wrong. In many countries in the world, there are many such things that one can put in the category of superstition or cheeky imagination.

You have often seen that people do not move immediately when the cat crosses the road. In India, people believe that due to the cutting of the way by a cat, the work gets negative results. Therefore, people stop for some time and then move ahead. Also, to avoid bad luck, many people change their way. Along with this, before going to any auspicious work, your mother, sister, etc. must have fed you curd. According to the strange beliefs, if you are going out of the house for some auspicious work, then eating yogurt definitely brings good results. However, not like this, many people think that such strange beliefs are only a part of India. Well, it is a completely wrong assumption. There are many countries other than India that have such beliefs. So, let’s explore a few of them below-

Strange Beliefs Across the Globe

  • In India’s friendly country, Russia, people follow a strange belief that if the fork falls on the ground, the female guest will come and if the knife falls, the male guest will knock in the house.
  • Our neighboring country Bangladesh has a strange belief that one must not eat boiled eggs before going to the examination. They believe the score of the test doesn’t come well.
  • In many America’s eulogies, it is evident that a pregnant woman must keep a potato in her pocket the belief is that it keeps the health of the woman healthy.
  • There is a belief in Turkey that if you are standing between two people with the same name, then whatever you ask is complete.
  • You must have heard about Venezuela, the beauty of the girls here attracts everyone towards this country. However, do you know that it is considered very bad to sweep the feet of girls here? According to the beliefs, if the girl gets a sweep on her leg then she remains unmarried.
  • It is not auspicious to give a watch to any girl in Russia. As per beliefs, this ends the age of their love affairs.
  • Sneezing may not be considered auspicious, but in Italy if a cat sneezes, it is considered auspicious.
  • If you add sugar to a cup before coffee while drinking coffee, it will become rich, this belief is common in Brazil.
  • You will often sing something while cooking in the kitchen, but in Thailand, it is recognized that singing in the kitchen gives you a much older life partner.
  • In Germany, it is believed that drinking rainwater in the ground around the tomb is free from skin diseases.

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