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Tarot reading

Tarot reading is less of a prediction mechanism and more about awareness of self opposite to the mind, which always thinks in terms of past and future in fight or flight reptilian brain mode.

It’s guidance, assistance and a map to our already known self, which is hidden deep because of the control of our mind matrix.

Like the spring water is made alive by removing the blockage of rocks ahead of it, similarly, tarot helps the reader to find out what’s inside one’s own soul. Tarot can’t tell anything new that the reader already doesn’t know. It just reminds us of old lessons, which we may have forgotten by the conditioning done to our young mind by various sources.

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One needs to make efforts to use the guidelines of the tarot. Otherwise, it is seen as only the fortune-telling tool. Tarot reading makes one look into one’s inner self with its signs and knowledge of the tree of life.

It’s a meditation tool in general. So in the web of our karmic patterns repeated for eons we get caught, tarot shows as the beacon to follow our path through its patterns of yin and yang combination.

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