These yogas make PV Sindhu a sports star, do you have any?

PV Sindhu

Olympic silver-medal winner PV Sindhu is considered one of the most successful and inspiring badminton players. Not only has she bagged multiple medals for the country but also has given direction to many young folks who aspire to make a career in sports. She turns 27 today (July 5, 1995). And in her shimmering career so far, she has become one of the youngest achievers of the Padma Bhushan Award in 2020.

Read the Yogas that make her this successful.

Major Achievements of PV Sindhu

We have barely seen the graph of PV Sindhu since the day she grabbed the racket and the shuttle. No wonder is known as one of the best shuttlers in the badminton world.

  • Climbing the ladder from her very first title in the junior section in 2010, she is constantly proving herself as one of the best athletes India would ever come across.
  • Beginning her journey with the Sub-junior Asian Badminton Championship, Colombo, in 2010, PV Sindhu began her upskilling and professional career as a badminton player. However, from her Super Series laurel in the China Open, 2016, she got real recognition, where she performed exceptionally great, showcasing her talent, skills, and focus on her game.
  • If we speak about her major achievements, we cannot ignore titles like Arjuna Award, Padma Shri, Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award, along with all the international series and events where she made our country proud multiple times.
  • Moreover, she has won a title in BWF Circuit and gold in the 2019 World Championship, being the only female badminton player to win such an elite title.
  • Not just this, in April 2017, she even acquired Rank 2 across the globe in the badminton world. Plus, breaking into the top 20 of the BWF World Rankings in September 2012, she attained recognition and grabbed the eyes of all the young players out there, just at the age of 17.
  • In the list of PV Sindhu’s achievements, next comes the fact that she is the second woman in the world who possesses more than five medals at the BWF World Championships after Zhang Ning (China).
  • And when you talk about so many international awards, medals, and titles, you certainly cannot forget the prestigious Commonwealth Games. Sindhu is nowhere in the corner in that too. PV Sindhu bagged a silver medal in 2018 in it, along with one more in the Asian Games.
  • And speaking of the Commonwealth Games, you must not forget how marvellous she was in the Rio Olympics, 2016, where she won a bronze medal.
  • Later, with the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics recently, not only did she raise the expectations of people across the country for the gold, but also became the only player to grab two consecutive titles in the Summer Olympics.  
  • Plus, she even grabbed two bronze medals at the Uber Cup, along with some national titles.

PV Sindhu Horoscope: Yogas behind her success

Vasumati Yoga

Vasumati Yoga basically makes the person hardworking and focused. Not only have the dedication to perform the tasks, but also possess the knack to finish something they have started. PV Sindhu horoscope says that she has a strong Vasumati Yoga. It is because her benefits lie in upchayas 3, 6, 10, or 11 from the Moon or the ascendant. It is why she possesses such great recognition because of which she holds a strong purpose in her life.

Amala Yoga

With long-lasting fame, PV Sindhu also holds a strong impact as an idol on all age groups. As Amala Yoga is strong in her Kundli, she believes to possess a spotless character. Moreover, it also helps her provide an intense imprint on the people she connects with. The tenth house from the Moon placement in PV Sindhu’s horoscope is occupied by a benefic planet. So, she is certainly someone to have a healthy and prosperous life.

Kahala Yoga

Kahala Yoga formation in the Kundli indicates a bold character. It makes the native stand for him and shows his daring and readiness to take on the world of nature. PV Sindhu’s horoscope shows a strong Kahala Yoga. It is because the Lord of the fourth and the ninth house are in the Kendras from each other. We have seen PV Sindhu speak on women’s empowerment and growth in the man-dominating world. This indicates her strong nature and leadership individuality.

We wish PV Sindhu a happy and joyful birthday!

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