Things You Should Not Do After Sunset As They Attract Negative Energies

Things You Should Not Do After Sunset As They Attract Negative Energies

The sun has dipped below the horizon, and the world bathes in the gentle embrace of twilight. The day’s hustle and bustle starts to wind down as we prepare to embrace the tranquil night. Yet, have you ever wondered if there are things you should avoid doing after sunset to keep negative energies at bay? Well, you’re in the right place! In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating realm of astrology to uncover practices and rituals that can help you maintain positive vibes in your life. So, let’s explore what you should not do after sunset to avoid attracting negative energies.

Sweeping the House After Dark

Astrologically speaking, sweeping your house after sunset is considered inauspicious. It’s believed to sweep away not just dust and dirt, but also positive energy. According to astrologers, when the sun sets, the energy in your home becomes more settled, and any disturbances like sweeping can disrupt this harmony, inviting negative energies. So, keep that broom aside until the next morning!

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Digging the Earth

Tinkering with the soil after sunset is another practice that’s best avoided. In astrology, the Earth is associated with stability and grounding energy. After the sun sets, the Earth’s energy stabilizes, and digging disrupts this equilibrium, potentially attracting negative forces. If gardening is your passion, consider doing it during daylight hours.

Neglecting Spiritual Practices

Evening is an ideal time to connect with your spiritual side, but neglecting this can attract negative energies. Astrologers suggest that engaging in meditation, prayer, or simply spending a few moments in quiet contemplation can help you align with positive forces and keep negativity at bay.

Cutting Nails and Hair

Trimming your nails or hair after sunset is discouraged in astrology. These practices are said to cut through the protective aura that surrounds you during the day, making you vulnerable to negative energies. If you need to groom yourself, it’s better to do so before twilight.

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Arguing or Discussing Heated Topics

Astrology advises against engaging in heated arguments or discussions after sunset. Negative emotions can be amplified during this time, leading to strained relationships and attracting negative energies. Instead, save these conversations for the daytime when clarity and positivity prevail.

Lighting Black or Red Candles

The color of candles you light can have astrological significance. Black and red candles, when lit after sunset, are said to invite negative energies. Opt for soothing colors like white or blue for a more positive atmosphere.

Staring at the Stars Without Purpose

While stargazing can be a mesmerizing experience, astrology suggests that staring at the stars without a specific intent can invite negative energies. It is believed that aimlessly gazing at the night sky may disrupt your own energy balance and attract undesirable forces. Instead, engage in purposeful stargazing with a clear intention in mind.

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In astrology, the time after sunset is regarded as a delicate phase when energies shift, and the potential for negativity to manifest increases. By adhering to these astrological guidelines, you can help protect yourself from inadvertently “Attracting Negative Energies.” Whether it’s refraining from sweeping after dark or avoiding heated arguments, these practices can contribute to a more harmonious and positive life, as per astrological beliefs. So, the next time the sun sets, consider these astrological insights as you navigate your evening routine.

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