Understanding The Darkness Of A Scorpio Woman


Scorpio acknowledged for the dramatic and intense features is regarded as the most powerful astrological sign because of the characteristics people born under this sign possess. Young scorpions are often known to be smarter than their ages. 

Scorpio, The magnetic enigma of the zodiac. You can never ignore a Scorpio woman.  she makes her presence felt. Either with her secretive-self or with the extravagant presence that makes herself noticeable.

This lady is so dignified, something in her that can make you very uncomfortable in the beginning. Let’s find out what makes a scorpion lady so full of power, passion and intuition.

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First Impression of a Scorpio Woman: 

Scorpio Woman Traits

Miss Scorpion carries an alluring charm and immensely hypnotic eyes that men are naturally drawn to. Scorpios in their life are very enthusiastic and strong in multiple areas. However, The most challenging task they can confront is typically the choice of which path to follow when it comes to love. 

Not many can deny her charming personality and the aura of mystery, delight, and sensuality that she wears around her like a cloak. She is not someone who tolerates pretentiousness interactions. She prefers to give her attention to those willing to go deep with her.

If you have earned a Scorpio lady in your life, you have earned a fiercely loyal friend, who would say whatever is in her heart and be brutally honest on your face without any sugar coating.

Another dominant trait of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign is that if she loves you she will love you deeply and fiercely but if you don’t recognize and value her efforts, she will throw you out of her life like garbage, not to be recycled.

This woman is made up of spirituality, for her, love is like a religion so she can be acquisitive for you, overly possessive she can become, and mind you, she can be suspicious. If you show her even a little bit of questionable behavior, she will know instantly. As they say it, A Scorpio woman can practically smell a lie.

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Physical Appearance of a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman Physical appearance

These ladies are physically on the leaner side during their teen years. She possesses a strong personality and a tough look especially in the adult years of her life. With shaggy eyebrows, this lady has these mysterious, penetrating and glittering eyes which could render anyone in the room uncomfortable yet drawn to her. 

She just exudes passionate and sensuous energies. However, as opposed to other zodiac signs, there’s a dangerous quality that lurks just beneath the surface. You can’t tell if she’s going to have her way with you, hurt you awfully, or do both.

Why is it so difficult to understand a Scorpion?

Secretive: Scorpio horoscope tells us that Scorpio women are extremely secretive. Not to mention, Scorpio is the best sign in all of the zodiacs to keep your secrets. You go up to a friend and tell her things, it stays buried inside of her heart as if it were a symmetry that she buries all those secrets of all her friends.

But if you play games with her, she’s going to use those secrets against you. Against as in she’s just going to blast you with that. If you backstab her, never do that with a scorpio lady because the bitterness of thousands of poisons will be poured on you.

Lonely Scorpion

Loners: For her, loneliness matters a lot. She is mentally very very strong. Usually there’s a lot of stuff going on for these scorpio ladies as they grow up, maybe some sort of traumas, insecurity, childhood accident. Some are even loners, because of their intense feelings and crystal-clear vision. But now that she has grown up in to a woman a lady, now she is power. She knows her worth.

Passionate: A scorpion lady is passionate about everything in her life, right from her career to her relationships, to hobbies, to love making. That volcano inside of her has to burst. She is very fond of learning different skills that surrounds her. Especially when it comes to exploring new places and experiences.

Ambitious: You can not be just lazy with her. Prestige is something severely important to her. When your Scorpio zodiac woman says why don’t you aim for higher goals in your life, she’s just trying to bring out the best in you because she knows your capacity. That is why she has chosen you, she saw some spark in you. She might even fight for you in public even if you are wrong. This lady handles situations very cleverly. 

Scorpio Passion

Perseverance: Perseverance is her next name. She just wants to be the winner but sometimes, this lady who goes through so much turmoil, so much trauma, she might cause damage to herself, she can go to drugs, drinks. Understanding Scorpio woman in this phase can get difficult.

An uncontrollable storm inside of her takes over. In order to resurrect her weakness, that ego has to be controlled inside of her. The scorpio woman has to really take care because if she controls that there is no other strong woman on earth other than her. Like they say for a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.

Intuitiveness: Like an x-ray machine, she likes to scan people, things and everything around her. And she does that so effortlessly as she is very good at sensing things around her yet she’s so hypersensitive inside of her.

She has tremendous emotions inside of her heart. For a scorpio woman, she means business. You can not just be wishy-washy with her because she is not clumsy and she knows what she wants.

Head Strong: Her individualistic and independent self doesn’t believe that she’s the second-best, and the man is the best. She doesn’t believe in that idea. Maybe in her head, she even thinks that she is even better than the man. And why not, because she is. 

Strong Scorpion

Deep and Dark: If you ever try understanding Scorpio woman, you will know that she has an energy that’s impossible to overlook. She is a lush mixture of optimism and passion, depth and darkness. Scorpion ladies have a deep interest in the occult, conspiracy theories, and paranormal activities. They love mysteries because they feel good when they figure things out that are unknown to others.

These were a few points to mention the deep details about the Magnetic Enigma of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign. You might also like to grab some information regarding the dynamic energy of a Sagittarius woman. 


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