Vaani Kapoor’s upcoming movie, Shamshera, will it be a success?

Vaani Kapoor astrology

If Bollywood were a dream, Vaani Kapoor would never want it to end for herself. And if you ever wish to be lucky, pray that you are as lucky as Vaani Kapoor. Reason?

Well, ever since Vaani Kapoor made her debut in Bollywood, she has only risen to fame. In fact, within 5-6 years into her career, she has already worked with some of the most talented actors in Bollywood, including Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Ayushmann Khurrana and now is all set to appear alongside Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt in her next film Shamshera.

Shamshera, releasing on July 22, will be Vaani’s eighth film in Bollywood. The teaser of the movie was released two months ago. While there is no official confirmation, but reports claim that the movie’s plot revolves around dacoits of pre-Independence India, something that the teaser seems to support.

The film Shamshera is surely special for Vaani as she gets to work with yet another talented actor. But it is equally special for Ranbir too, as it would be his first movie after getting married to Alia Bhatt. 

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If reports are anything to go by, Ranbir in the movie will play a double role as both the titular character and his son. The film also features Ashutosh Rana, Saurabh Shukla and Ronit Roy.

Will Shamshera be a success for Vaani?

Vaani Kapoor’s birth number is 23, 2+3= 5, which is ruled by Mercury. The placement of Mercury in her chart allows her artistic skills and intellect to make the best professional and personal decisions in life. And this is the reason why most of her films have done well at the box office, if not best, allowing her better recognition than the so-called star kids.

Vaani Kapoor astrology kundli shows that she is born with a strong Jupiter sitting in its own sign, Leo, during her birth. Hence, over the years, Jupiter has been a saviour for Vaani and has ensured she gets enough recognition for her hard work in any field she chooses.

When Shamshera hits the big screen, astrologers note that Jupiter will again be placed in a favourable position for Vaani and will be afflicted by Rahu, which, interestingly, is a positive planet for Vaani. 

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Having said that, as per astrology, Vaani Kapoor’s upcoming film Shamshera will do great at the box office. Also, the same period is one of the best times for her to sign other new projects. Vaani Kapoor’s personal life has always been a secret and people believe she is single. But post-October 2022, she will enjoy the attention of the desired opposite sex besides enjoying the success of her new movie. 

Return of Ranbir

For Ranbir, Shamshera will bring him back to the big screen after a gap of almost 4-year. Hence, the success of the film will be crucial for him and for his next big project, Brahmastra

Astrologers believe that Ranbir’s marriage to Alia will bring a positive impact on his life and career.

Alia’s Moon sign is Sagittarius, and Ranbir’s Sun sign is Libra, a match made in heaven. Also, going by numerology. Alia’s Moon supports number 6, which is ruled by Venus and Ranbir’s Sun sign supports number 2, which is ruled by Moon. 

In astrology, Moon and Venus forge a wondrous combination of two positive energies. Hence from here, we call only expect a lot of increment in the couple’s personal and professional lives.

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