Valentines Day 2021- Astrological Tips To Impress Your Crush

Valentines day 2021

Finally, the month of love and romance February is here and all the love birds are planning different ideas and techniques in order to surprise their sweetheart. Undoubtedly, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love and affection for your loved ones. There are thousands of ways by which you can impress your beloved either through gifts or planning some sort of surprise to make their Valentines’ Day 2021 more special. However, the people who are already in a relationship are quite familiar with these things.

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about some of the secret Astrological tips by which you can impress your crush and make your Valentine’s Day 2021 a memorable one. So, people who are still single “Don’t Worry” I have got some secret tips for you. Just relax, enjoy the article and be ready to fall in love.

Valentine Week 2021

If you are still in dilemma whether to express your feelings or not ‘So My Friend time is here just Go for it because it’s “Now or Never“. Love is such an emotion that you cannot hide for long and if you do so it’s gonna break you from inside. Don’t care about their reaction just express what you feel for them. Trust me you will get a sigh of relief and I don’t think there is any better day except Valentine to do so.

Valentine’s Week 2021 will start from 7th February beginning with Rose Day.

On this day offer them red, yellow, or pink rose to your love depending on your feelings for them.

8th February 2021:

Propose day. On this day, don’t hesitate and just tell them directly what you feel without caring about their answer. Bring gifts for them and try to propose in a unique way.

9th February 2021:

Chocolate Day. As the word suggests Chocolate. Just as chocolate be sweet to them and offer them hear shaped chocolates to impress them.

Hug day 2021

10th February 2021:

Teddy Day. This day is most recommended for boys as Girls love Teddies. If you really want to get your crush make her feel like a teddy and surprise her with a big-sized teddy either be a panda or something which your girl likes the most.

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11th February 2021:

Promise Day. Trust me, if you are good at keeping promises you are really going to be in a good relationship. Promises are the basis of a relationship. So, on this promise day 2021, promise to yourself and your love to stay with each other for many other Valentines.

12th February 2021:

Hug Day. Share your happiness by hugging each other and feel the warmth of their arms. A hug is the first physical feeling to express your love and emotion

13th February 2021.

Kiss Day. Undoubtedly, a kiss is the sweetest way to openly tell them how much they mean for you. If you are really in Love, you will never forget your first kiss.

14th February 2021

So finally, the crux of these upper mentioned days is her “Valentine’s Day” is here. It’s the seventh and the last day of this beautiful week and it should end with something special. Express your love with chocolates, Gifts, roses, teddies, hugs, kisses, and tell them wholeheartedly how much you love them. However, if you are really in Love every day will seem like Valentine’s day.

Promise day 2021

Astrological Tips To Impress Your Crush

  • Before you are thinking to propose to your crush, just talk to yourself and think if you really love them or it’s just an attraction. If yes, arrange a dinner date with them and wear white-colored clothes and try to propose to them between 10-12 in the evening. This time is considered most auspicious to express your love for someone according to Vedic Astrology.
  • Offer them a bokeh of Red roses because Red is considered the color of Love. Remember one thing, before offering the rose to your love sprinkle some water on it and pray for them to accept it with a big smile.
  • If you are a girl, gift your boy a bracelet with either Ruby, Opal, or Diamond gemstone craved in it. All these gemstones are considered highly auspicious for attracting the opposite sex.
  • If you are a boy, gift your girl either a love novel or a frame with your picture together. Gifting a love book is increases your chances of impressing your love in Astrological terms.
  • Jasmine attracts love and fulfills your desires. So, gift your love with a small indoor plant of Jasmine. It will also bring a new wave of romance to your life if you are already in a relationship or married.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Lakshmi Narayana Namaha” 3 times before you are going to propose them. This will boost your confidence and increase the chances to win your love.
  • Donate a flute and a few betels leaves to the temple of Lord Krishna in order to seek his blessings to make your love life successful.
  • Wear an Opal ring if possible, it will increase your chances to impress your love. It is considered highly auspicious both for boys and girls.
  • If you are going to express your love on Monday, it’s better to keep a fast on that day. It makes Lord Shiva happy and if he is happy you are going to be happy after.
  • Last but not the least, believe in yourself and surprise them in such a way that they fall for you automatically. Love each other and make every day feel like a Valentine’s Day.

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