Valentine’s Day Prediction 2021 for all Zodiac Sign

Valentines Day Prediction 2021 For All Zodiac Sign

We all know that the day of love falls on the 14th of February. We also know that couples celebrate it with all their love in their heart for each other when the singles wonder if their crush will ask them out or not. However, What we don’t know is how this celebratory day ends for each of us. Let’s put an end to the dilemma by giving you a peek into Valentine’s Day horoscope reading 2021.

Mercury will turn retrograde on the 6th of February which will make things a bit haphazard. Worry not the movement of Jupiter and Uranus will bring joy in your love life. So,  let us see if cupid bestows its choicest blessing on your zodiac sign or not. 

Aries Prediction

Aries, you are passionate and romantic lovers. This V Day you will be confessing your feelings to the person you have eyes on. You have been talking to this person for way too long and now is the perfect time to take things to the next level. You may expect to get a positive response out of your proposal. Moreover Aries couples you guys are going to have a fun-filled Valentine week. All of our plans will be executed effectively.

Aries Valentine Day Prediction

Taurus Prediction

This Valentine’s Day Taurus you will be single without any malice. You will be happy in your own company. It is best suggested if you take yourself out for a solo date. Moreover, if you are in a committed relationship then beware of third party interference. You may be caught in an argument that can lead to a major rift between the two of you. It is advised to avoid any such situation till the month of February. 

Taurus Valentine Day Prediction

Gemini Prediction

Gemini we can see in your stars that something unusual is going to happen. Yes, you will be caught off guard by a proposal from a friend you least expect. Now it is totally up to you if you continue to date or friend zone this person. It seems like you are going to have a wholesome Valentine’s Day Gemini singles. Talking about Gemini in a partnership, you will make things right with your partner. You will resolve past issues to establish a stronger bond.

Gemini Valentine Day Prediction

Cancer Prediction

The people born under the Cancer sign will be lucky this V day. You will be witnessing an act of love that will blow your mind. Yes, your feelings will be reciprocated from your special someone. However, the question is are you ready to settle in a relationship? For the natives who are in a relationship will have the much-needed break from their work. The couples will be smitten by the love god itself and have a romantic V day in their favour. 

Cancer Valentine Day Prediction

Leo Prediction

Leo signs will be showered with a lot of proposals. You will be the centre of attention and it will be the time of your life. You will have an exciting Valentine’s Day. Moreover, married couples will face dark clouds settling in the relationship due the Mercury Retrograde 2021. Nevertheless, try to make the best use of the day by being understanding of each other’s needs. It may not be the best time however, it’s not even the worst.

Leo Valentine Day Prediction

Virgo Prediction

Virgo your secret admirer will reveal himself to you during the Valentine week. Love is in the cards for you and it’s time you choose the right person for yourself. As a couple, you should relive your good old initial day of the relationship. Make your lover feel that he’s blessed to have you in his life. In fact, you can expect a grand proposal from your partner giving your relationship a new label. 

Virgo Valentine Day Prediction

Libra Prediction

Single Libra individuals, our astrologers say that it is the time for you to step out and make new connections. You have been into hibernation for way too long. Embrace the Libra in you and socialise as much as you can on Valentines Day. You never know if you happen to meet your prince charming during this process. Libras in a relationship the Uranus has your back. You will be spending enough quality time with your beau.

Libra Valentine Day Prediction

Scorpio Prediction

The flirty and sensual Scorpio it’s time for you to shine. Dating people from different walks of life will fill your Valentine with diversity. You can also expect a former lover to make an appearance in your life. This can be an ex or a guy you dated and had developed feelings for over the course of time. Couples who are in periods of separation can work things out. It is suggested that you will get over the no contact only if you don’t let your ego come in the way. Your love life will be flourishing if you set aside the misunderstandings.

Scorpio Valentine Day Prediction

Sagittarius Prediction

Sagittarius zodiac signs don’t shy away from the kiss of love. Go ahead be vocal about how you feel for the certain, someone. You will be surprised that he/she feels the same towards you. The intensity may not be the same but the attraction is there, you can build the connection later on. If you are planning a short getaway with your partner, then it will be implemented well. You will see your partner appreciate your efforts.

Sagittarius Valentine Day Prediction

Capricorn Prediction

Capricorn enough of all work and no play. Take out time for romance before it’s too late. Now is the time to commit to the relationship you had been avoiding due to your busy life. Romance may not be your best forte, nonetheless arranging a dinner for your partner sounds like a plan. Some of you guys can tie knots by the end of the month.

Capricorn Valentine Day Prediction

Aquarius Prediction

Aquarius’ sign will be a little too lucky than any other zodiac sign this Valentine’s Day. The new moon in Aquarius will add much-needed excitement and bliss in your love life. You can come across a person who resonates with you deeply. It may be like love at first sight situation. Romantic isn’t it? Your relationship will run smoothly this V day with a little bump here and there.

Aquarius  Valentine Day Prediction

Pisces Prediction

Pisces sign you have been waiting for this day for way too long. Well, the wait is over. You can expect a friendship turning into a long term relationship. You may also find someone who will expose you to a world you never knew. Relationship people may have to halt their plans for a while as it is not the right time for romance. The month of March will change the gloominess and will rejuvenate love in your romantic life.

Pisces Valentine Day Prediction

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