Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for each Zodiac Sign

Valentine's Day date ideas

It is that time of the year when love is in the year. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we can’t contain our excitement. If it’s the mushy-gushy type couples or stealing-a- glance type of couples, Valentine’s day is an excuse to proclaim undying love for your partners and plan an exquisite date.   

But, planning your valentine’s date can be even made even better with some help from astrology. So read further to find out the best Valentine’s Day date ideas for each zodiac sign.   

Aries Date Ideas

Aries the fire sign is always up for something fun. They never shy away from planning romantic dates to make their significant another special. Because they are always up for something adventurous, camping is an ideal date idea for you. Camping will help you spend some much needed alone time with your Aries partner. A bonfire with a blanket to add the cosy feeling will definitely make your Valentine’s Day super special. Other than that hiking or planning something epic will catch their attention. Challenge them into a fun activity and they will return the love. 

Aries Date Ideas

Taurus Date Ideas

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which means it adores the finer things of life. Luxurious date ideas can never go wrong with them. Plan a dinner date in a beautiful restaurant. They also like to be showered with gifts. You can go for flowers, chocolates or maybe a beautiful piece of jewellery or wristwatch. Dress up in your best outfit and make it a night to remember. Dance to soft music while holding your Taurus boyfriend/girlfriend close.

Taurus Valentine's Day Date idea

Gemini Date Ideas

It is true that Geminis love to socialise and surround themselves with people all the time. However, on Valentines Day, they expect a place that has people yet just the two of you. A movie date is a perfect date idea. Well if you are not able to plan a theatre movie night then why not bring theatre to your home. Dim the lights put on your favourite rom-com movie and enjoy each other’s company.

Gemini Date Ideas

Cancer Date Ideas

Planning a cute date for Cancerian is a no brainer. Cancer loves to stay in and spend quality time with their lovers. They are always hungry and have a knack for cooking. So why not show them how much you love them by cooking their favourite meal or maybe preparing a proper three-course meal. We know it sounds like a task, but Valentine’s Day is the most anticipated day for our super devoted Cancerian. If you don’t know how to cook then order food in and enjoy all the cuddles with your special someone.

Cancer Date ideas

Leo Date Ideas

Leos find delight in anything that involves showmanship and the spotlight. A fun magic show will keep them entertained all night. The curious mind will never get bored.Leo doesn’t devoid their partner of the laughter, they are real cute clowns in the relationship Further, you can plan a comedy night at your favourite club. Give them all your attention and your Valentines night effort wont go in vain.

Leo Valentine's Day date ideas

Virgo Date Ideas

Virgo has an eye for simplicity. They do pay attention to detail but avoid anything extravagant. So maybe a cute outdoor picnic will definitely suit their taste. A day with you amidst the beauty of nature will make them feel loved. Take your picnic mats and ample food to bask in the sun on a beautiful winter morning. This is a perfect Valentines day date idea for Virgo.

Virgo Date Ideas

Libra Date Ideas

Well, we all know that Libra are the most romantic zodiac sign. It is that time of the year where you can turn the tables on them by planning a much more romantic date for them. Book a table in a fancy restaurant and have a dreamy candlelight dinner. Yes, they will be surprised by your affectionate initiative. You can also book a staycation at a place you two had been planning for a long time. Pamper your sweetheart as they also deserve to feel special from time to time.

Libra Date ideas

Scorpio Date Ideas

Scorpio always has a mystery around them. Most of the time they plan dates that are far from your thought. Now it’s your time to catch them off guard. You can put a broad smile on your significant other’s face by taking them to a cosy club or disco. You can get drunk and dance all night. Have a night untroubled with a Scorpio by maybe creating that intimacy in the bedroom after.

Scorpio date ideas

Sagittarius Date Ideas

Sagittarius is all about spontaneity and adventure. Woo your boo by organizing a weekend getaway. As Valentine’s Day 2021is on Sunday, you have sufficient time to plan a short getaway. A short trip to the hills, enjoying the snow and cold weather sounds just about right. Sagittarius can never say no to a trip, be it anywhere. Make them your object of affection by travelling places unknown this V day.

Sagittarius date idea

Capricorn Date Ideas

The hard-working ambitious and the go-getter Capricorn also needs a break from the daily. Make your Capricorn man or woman special by scheduling a spa day. Help them relax on this auspicious day with massages and a hot tub.  Such a thoughtful date idea will make your bond stronger with your partner. No matter how many times they deny, a Capricorn simply loves to be the centre of attention. Give them an intimate day off this Valentine’s Day.

Capricorn date ideas

Aquarius Date Ideas

Well well well Aquarius is the zodiac sign that doesn’t give a second thought to Valentines Day. It is like any other day for them. Nevertheless, you can still go the extra mile by planning something light and upbeat. A long drive will be a cute gesture from your end. It won’t be out of the way and still suit their taste.

Aquarius Date Ideas

Pisces Date Ideas

Pisces considers Valentine’s day important in their life. It is the time when they get to show how much they love you. They generally plan dreamy dates for their soulmate. But there is no hard and fast rule, you can also plan a sweet night for them. Pisces are creative beings and have artistic abilities. You can take them to an art museum or maybe spend a day painting. A karaoke night sounds an excellent idea to impress the mushy Pisces.

 Pisces Date Ideas

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