Vastu: Indoor plants that bring prosperity and positivity


Vastu suggests where you should place these plants in your home or office for better energies.

Adding plants to the home space or office has been a favorite way to add greenery as well keep  positive company that many decorators swear by.

The easiest way to fight depression, feeling of  loneliness or just another low day is to have a minimum of 3 plants in the space you live or work at. Researchers and psychologists agree that plants have similar effect on happiness hormone as pets do for  some. Now, not everyone is a pet person isn’t it?

So, go for these plants which are best for indoors and  they not just add greenery and life but also attract prosperity, abundance, positivity and promote good  health.  

1. The two-layer bamboo plant for Vastu

Place is at your work desk for removing stress and better concentration. A two-layer plant mud pot can be well placed at the East, South-East to have better social connections and attract  positive collaborations for work/business alike.

Avoid keeping it in the bathroom, if you still have  to then use a single layer water jar one which is good for removing toxicity. 

2. The wealth and luck multiplier – Jade plant 

At the entrance door to attract Lakshmi and maintain positivity every time you leave or enter the  house. Make sure to keep it away from any devices such as inverters, TV, top of the fridge etc.  for good plant health.

Do not keep it in the bathroom. South, West and North-West are good  directions for gains, results and luck enhancement. 

3. Grow your resources with money plant 

It is popularly known best to cut off from someone else’s plant and then place in a glass jar filled  with water. That’s as same as stealing! Best way is to get a money plant in mudded pot from a  nursery as the main plant and keep it in the west or WNW for gains and wealth success.

The  more it grows, your savings grow. Cut the extended stems and plant in multiple glass jars to keep  in different directions such as at work desk/study desk, bathroom window, near AC window or at  the kitchen.

Use a blue colored jar to keep it in North at exact zero degree when you want to 

open opportunity doors to grow. Next time, you splurge on something unwanted notice how  your money plant turns pale! 

4. Take away negative energies with this rubber plant 

Keep it at the entrance of your house or office to keep the negativity from people away. It also  restricts evil eye effect and negative radiations from electronics when places indoors near  gadgets or TV units. 

5. Peace Lily 

The symbol of love, peace and harmony Lily radiates a very subtle and calming energy in its  surroundings.

While it is advised to keep a lily plant near a window for its benefits, it is not  recommended to keep it in the bedroom for couples. Living room and study room are the best  options for placing this soothing plant which is also a great air purifier.  

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6. Rosemary plant 

Best plant to be placed anywhere in the home or office for fostering better mental and physical  health. Helps promote better sleep and enthusiasm in daily lives.

Rosemary leaves are effectively  used for manifestations, warding off evil eye (buri nazar) and cleansing the home. [More about  that in the next blog] 

And, I saved the best one for the last. Yes, the one and only Tulsi (Basil). 

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7. Tulsi

The auspicious Tulsi for growth and abundance. Traditionally, Tulsi was the first thing one would  place in the house during pujan and everything else is set up post that.

The only direction  favorable and auspicious for this holy plant is North-East. Many people face a common issue with  Tulsi about leaves drying out and the plant not prospering.

Be careful to attend to it daily morning, evening and not grow it like a bush in home garden. Make sure there is enough sunlight  and keep it away from kitchen area of laundry area. 

Hope these tips and information will help you in setting up your indoor greenery and draw out great  benefits.

By – Tarot Poorna

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