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Locker room astrology

We have a natural tendency to ensure our material possessions are safe. And keeping them in a locker/locker room is only half the job done if you are an Indian. So, when it comes to guarding these precious possessions (such as jewellery or cash), for an extra layer of security, people choose to trust astrology. And why? Because astrology introduces you to these lucky things to keep in locker that will not only help you guard but also increase your wealth.

We all certainly work hard to earn a good living. But our fate sometimes has different plans. Thus due to poor fate, you might at times find it tough to earn a decent living despite working hard. If you are dealing with this same issue, then Vastu Shastra can come to your rescue. 

As per Vastu Shastra, lack of wealth growth despite working hard could be due to wrong home Vastu, especially locker room Vastu. Negative Vastu hinders personal and professional growth. And to help you ward off such negativities are these locker room vastu tips and recommendations on the lucky things to keep in locker to enhance wealth.

1. New currency notes

The first lucky thing to keep in a locker as per astrology is new currency notes. Astrologers say that just like our wallets and purses, even our locker shouldn’t remain empty. Meaning, that even if you have got yourself a locker to just keep some papers and gold, still it is a must that you keep some cash in it. 

As per his/her financial ability, one must keep new currency notes of all denominations inside the locker. Keep at least one note of each denomination in the safe to attract the blessing of Lord Kuber. Also, make sure you never take out these new currency notes from the locker. 

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2. Cowrie in a wrapped red cloth

Cowrie, for the unaware, is a version of shell popular among astrologers for its astrological benefits. Astrologers recommend keeping Cowrie wrapped in a red cloth in the locker to attract wealth in the house. Cowrie, which resembles luck in astrology, can either be collected from the shore or can be purchased from the market.

When placing the Cowrie in the locker, follow this procedure – Take a clean red cloth, place seven cowries on it and tie. Keep the pouch inside your locker. These will prevent your money from being utilised for unnecessary purposes. 

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3. Lord Kuber’s idol 

The next important thing to keep in the locker is an Idol of Lord Kuber. In Hinduism, Lord Kuber is the ‘treasurer of the gods’ and ‘king of Yaksha’. He is a true representation of wealth, prosperity and glory. 

Keeping an idol of Lord Kuber doesn’t only keep your money but also all other possessions safe. Lord Kuber also help the native in attaining financial stability. However, when placing a Lord Kuber idol or yantra in the locker, make sure the locker is clutter-free.  

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4. Place a small mirror inside the locker 

Another easy Vastu tip to attract money as per astrology is placing a small mirror inside the locker. Make sure that the mirror is visible to you when you open the locker and it reflects all the items, which you have placed in the locker. 

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5. The locker should be clutter-free

More than anything else, Locker room vastu recommends that the person must keep the locker or cash safe neat and clean. The logic here is similar to why you keep the temple clean or your living space clean. God happens to exist in places where everything is neat and tidy, and the cash locker is no exception. 

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Locker room vastu tips as per astrology

The above-mentioned tips would come in handy to help you attract wealth. However, despite following these tips, sometimes your financial stability may still go off balance. Such uncertainties hint at a bigger problem, which could be your locker room or safe room Vastu. 

In such circumstances, ensuring your locker room placement is not hindering your chances of wealth attraction is necessary. For the same reasons, Locker room vastu tips are a must. These Vastu tips will also come in handy for someone who has bought a new home and is not able to decide the optimum location for the locker room. So here you go:

Vastu tips for placing locker room

  • Lord Kuber is the lord of wealth and rules the North direction. So placing the locker in the North direction of the house would be very beneficial to attract wealth. It’s best if the entire locker room is in the North direction.  
  • When placing the locker or cash safe in the room, make sure its back faces the South wall, whereas the front side of the locker should face the North wall. 
  • While this is not something you can control most of the time, but making sure the height of the locker room is less than the other rooms in the house is good for locker room Vastu. 
  • Another tip is to make sure that the locker room is always at least a foot away from these two directions – North-West or South-West corner. Also, don’t stick the locker’s back against the wall in any case. 
  • Any door or window in the locker room must always face the North or east direction. Moreover, the doors and windows should have two shutters. It is best if the door are made of wood. 
  • The colour of the locker room also has an important role to play in attracting wealth for the native. The best colour for the locker room as per astrology is Yellow. The walls and the floor must be painted or tiled yellow because this colour is affiliated with an increase in wealth and prosperity.
  • small fountain in the room can also be placed which will help in receiving more financial benefits.
  • Make it a habit of cleaning the locker room at least once in two weeks.
  • Apart from Lord Kuber, Goddess Laxmi too is responsible for bringing money into your life. Hence keeping a small picture of Goddess Laxmi in the locker room would bring beneficial results for natives. 
  • It is also recommended to use a safe that has four legs for more strength and better safety measures.
  • Always make sure your respect your money and spend it wisely if you seek to have it more for yourself. Buying inappropriate things or using money inappropriately is immoral in the eyes of the Lord. Also, keeping money earned through illegal means in the locker room attracts bad Vastu. 
  • Remember that women are considered a form of Goddess Laxmi and not respecting them will lead to a shortage of money in your life. 

We hope these tips will help you attract more wealth in your life. For more such Vastu tips, find the links given below.

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