Vastu Tips for Living Room- Give Your Home a Touch of Fortune

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Do you know Vastu shastra is recommended for your living room as well? Definitely, a living room that is based on Vastu shastra fascinates all positive energies such as happiness, wealth, prosperity, etc. The incoming of these positive energies makes your family successful, captivated, and jubilant. Every house whether ancient or modern has this gathering place.

It plays a very crucial role in each house. As the living room is lead through the entrance or main door, therefore all the energy either positive or negative enters through it. Hence, using Vastu Shastra could be substantial.

Importance of Living Room Vastu

The living room is a place where the guests are entertained essentially needs Vastu shastra. Not always the guests with positive energy come to the home, but a guest with negative vibes also comes.

Do you know what happens when the guests with negative vibes enter the living room? The negative vibes entering the home spreads not only to the complete home but also affects you and your family in negative ways.

Also, the negative vibes of guests can impact the house members when they are interacting with them while sitting in the living room. Thus, your life could be impacted by such negative people if the living room is not according to Vastu shastra. Hence, you need to follow certain steps to make your living room a Vastu flexible one.

How can you make your living room Vastu compliant?

Making a living room Vastu compliant one involves a two-step process. The first step includes the finding of an appropriate location of the drawing-room in your home. For example: Situating of the drawing-room in the North is good for the house while situating the drawing-room in the south invites lo of guests. The second step involves certain tips that you need to follow to make you and your family a successful one. Following are the Vastu tips for living room:

Some Vastu Tips:

  • It is suggested to build a living room in East and North rather than South or West.
  • If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to entertain guests for a long, then creating a living room in the North-West direction is also prestigious. It would help you to avoid late-night parties and get-together.
  • Are you an atheist? If yes, then we suggest you create one in North-East as God presides in North-East of the house.
  • Are you a very social person who loves talking? A South-West direction is an appropriate place for you if you are such a type of person. This is because it makes the guests stick to your home for a long time.
  • It is necessary to slope the floor as well as the ceiling of your living area towards East or North.
  • Also, the situating of the door in the North or East brings health, wealth, overall progress, etc.
  • Are you continuously trying to excel in the education field and not getting success? Build the entrance of your living door in the west and you will become a good scholar and researcher in no time.
  • If you desire for development in the entire prospect, then we suggest you create your living area’s entrance in North-West.
  • Don’t ever think to build entrance in the South direction as it is inauspicious. It is better to shift the entrance to the West.
  • Vastu recommends keeping the furniture, articles, heavy things, etc in the West or South side of your living area. In case, there is no space, then only keep 1-3 inches height furniture in the North or North-East.
  • Are you thinking to locate television in your living area? Put it in the South-East corner rather than the South-West corner else it will breakdown often.
  • Also, don’t locate the television in the North-West corner, otherwise, your family will waste a lot of valuable time watching TV only.
  • It is suggested to keep the telephone in East, North, or South-East direction rather than South-West or North-West.
  • Similarly, the relevant place for air cooler and the air conditioner is the West, East, or North-West rather than South-East.
  • We suggest you paint your living room walls white, blue, light yellow, or green rather than red or black colours.
  • The artificial flowers, dried flowers, cactus/cacti, or bonsai plants should not be kept in the living room as they reflect misfortune and have a negative influence on career and finance.
  • Hang the chandelier in the South or West rather than the center of the living area.
  • Are you thinking to place an aquarium in your living room? Then, we recommend you to place it in the East, North, or North-East of the living area.

The appropriate time to transform your living room according to Vastu shastra is now! As early as you initiate transforming, as soon as you will get better growth. We hope that the above-mentioned tips and guidelines will help you to make your as well as your family’s life a successful one. Also, they will give you a boost to your health and wealth.

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