Venus Transit In Pisces: 27 April, 2022- Impact On The Zodiac Signs

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Venus is the planet that governs luxuries, pleasures, and amusements, along with creativity, love, marriage, and passion. Venus transit in Pisces will occur on April 27, 2022. How life-changing this transit could be for the zodiac signs, read to find out.

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As per Vedic astrology, planet Venus exalts in the Pisces zodiac sign. On the other hand, it holds the dual lordship of the Libra and Taurus zodiac signs. Debilitation of the zodiac sign Pisces occurs in the Virgo zodiac sign. 

So, let us see which zodiac sign will benefit from Venus in Pisces and who shall face its ill impacts. 

Venus Transit in Pisces 2022: Date and Time

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 06:06 PM, Venus will enter the sign of Pisces. The transit of Venus in its exalted sign shall represent creativity, adoration, soul, luxurious objects, innate abilities, and commerce. During this phase, all sorts of ups and downs of the natives shall balance. However, some zodiac signs might face its otherwise consequences too.

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Venus in Pisces 2022: Impacts on zodiac signs

As we all know, Venus becomes exalted in the sign of Pisces, which may result in favorable outcomes for people throughout this transit. 

Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac, represents spiritual trips, foreign profits, associations, and expenditures. As a result, the Venus transit in Pisces will assist you in becoming more spiritual and increasing your genuine understanding by connecting to your inner self.

Aside from that, the natives shall become eager to spend money on comforts and luxuries throughout this time. Moreover, during this transit, people will want to spend quality time with family members and enjoy their romantic lives. 

However, being unable to make the proper selection may cause a few uncertainties and a stumbling block in accomplishing your true objective. Hence, our astrologers suggest the natives—remain focused and motivated.


Venus controls the second house of family and the seventh house of marriage, spouse, and commercial relationships for the Aries Moon sign. During this Venus transit in Pisces 2022, it will pass through your twelfth house of foreign profits and expenditure. 

  • Financially, there may be some issues because Aries men and women might make numerous costs on materialistic items that would offer happiness. 
  • However, on the other hand, Aries people must still keep a watch on their finances. 
  • Professionally, this era will benefit the Aries natives because there may be promotions or raises during this time.
  • Natives in business shall earn a big profit. Also, they shall find some overseas prospects.

Remedy: Chant Venus beej mantra “ॐ शुं शुक्राय नम:।”


Venus dominates the first and sixth houses in Taurus and will be transiting in the 11th house of income, desire, and gain.

  • Professionally, Taurus natives’ aims and desires will be high during this time. Also, they shall become profit-oriented individuals. 
  • In terms of your career ambitions, all their objectives would attain accomplishments. The same would bring Taurus men and women mental serenity and happiness. 
  • This month will be financially advantageous for Taurus people since you can expect an increase, a promotion at work, and make sensible investments. 
  • Moreover, during this time, business owners will make a lot of money. 
  • Natives in a relationship will have a period of passion and tenderness, and they will spend some quality time with their lover. Not just this, Taurus natives who are married will also have a good time. 
  • If you have a long-term illness, they will notice an improvement in their health.

Remedy: Every Friday, pay a visit to the Vishnu Lakshmi temple.


Venus is the lord of the fifth and 12th houses for the Gemini Moon sign. Venus transit in Pisces will occur through the 10th house of career, profession, name, and reputation for Gemini men and women. 

  • It shall be a favorable moment for Gemini folks’ careers since it guarantees a good gain from overseas sources. 
  • Also, Gemini natives may acquire good employment possibilities, promotion, reward, and recognition during this transit. 
  • Thus, our astrologers suggest the Gemini natives to use their analytical skills and intellect to show themselves better on the professional front. 
  • Financially, the Gemini people will amass significant riches during the Venus transit in Pisces in April. Also, their previous investments will pay off handsomely. 
  • In terms of personal life, Gemini natives shall experience happiness and romance. Moreover, they shall adore their spouse wholeheartedly.

Remedy: Taking a curd bath on a daily basis is beneficial.

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Venus is the lord of the fourth and eleventh houses for Cancer folks. It will transit in the ninth house of prosperity, luck, and religion. 

  • Professionally, it will provide the Cancerians with favorable outcomes because their creativity will be pretty high throughout this period. 
  • Also, Cancer people will be inclined to improve their expertise. You might potentially obtain a pay boost or a promotion. Financially, there is the possibility of purchasing a new home far away from one’s hometown. 
  • Also, during this time, business owners will make a lot of money. Therefore, they must make the best use of this time.
  • In the personal life of Cancer men and women, they may come across a guru or a motivator who shall guide people on the correct path.

Remedy: Wear white and bright clothing as a remedy.


Venus rules the third and tenth houses for Leos. It will move into the eighth house of the occult, metamorphosis, startling loss/gain, and longevity. 

  • Professionally, Leo locals may experience a hard phase during the Venus transit in Pisces sign. More specifically, they shall suffer from some professional issues. 
  • Leo men and women may face some hardships in their financial conditions too. Their budget may be a little high, which may be an issue. Thus, the natives must stay careful and prudent at this time. 
  • Moreover, Leo natives may also draw themselves to esoteric science.

Remedy: Be respectful to your partner/spouse.


For Virgo natives, Venus rules the second and ninth houses. It shall move in the seventh house of marriage, relationship, and vocation. 

  • The phase will act as a great time for Virgo people professionally. They shall create a solid relationship pertaining to business partnership. Also, they would produce high earnings in their respective firms during the Venus transit in Pisces 2022. 
  • If Virgo men and women have any plans to travel abroad, they shall possess an ideal and successful time. 
  • Recognition, name, fame, and appraisals shall chase the Virgos. However, they might face some otherwise consequences too. Therefore, natives must look at everything and then act about anything.
  • Financially, Virgo locals in business may invest some amount during this period. However, some Virgo natives may spend their salary on their spouse or a trip.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Lakshmi to get Venus’ favors.

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Venus is the lord of the first and eighth houses for Libra natives. It would transit through the sixth house of debt, adversaries, and daily pay. 

  • Professionally, the natives will have an ordinary phase throughout this transit, as success will not come effortlessly.
  • Libra people will need a significant amount of effort, patience, and attention. Therefore, our astrologers advise Libras not to engage in any disagreement or argument at work as it may cause difficulties for you. 
  • For Libra men and women, during the Venus transit in Pisces 2022, patience shall be necessary. Also, they must avoid expecting instant gratification.

Remedy: Maintain a positive attitude in order to get positive results.


Venus is the lord of the 12th and seventh houses for Scorpio men and women. It would move into the fifth house of education, children, and intelligence. 

  • During this time, there will be strong development and opportunities for promotion and advancement. Therefore, students who choose to apply to overseas colleges may do so.
  • It is best for Scorpio natives who are into jobs to use their intelligence throughout this time rather than being indecisive.
  • Moreover, during the Venus transit in Pisces, natives would have an excellent time to achieve success and growth for a business opportunity. 
  • However, Libra people shall go through an average time financially. Thus, natives must keep in mind to avoid any investments.

Remedy: Offer sweets to little girls or widowed women.


Venus is the lord of the sixth and eleventh houses for the Sagittarius Moon Sign. It would transit through the fourth house of mother, comfort, and pleasure. 

  • During this time, the natives will get favorable professional accomplishments. They would appreciate their job and perform better to provide positive outcomes. 
  • Financially, this era will favor the enjoyment of pleasures and comfort. Also, there shall be a possibility of getting a new automobile. 
  • In personal life, Sagittarius folks shall hold an inclination towards spending time with their family and friends. Also, they will throw a modest get-together. Sagittarius residents may also choose to renovate their homes.

Remedy: Fast on Fridays every week.

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Venus is the lord of the fifth and tenth houses for Capricorns. It would transit through the third house of siblings, communication, brief journeys, and desire. 

  • Professionally, Capricorn natives must keep solid relationships with their coworkers throughout this time.
  • Also, it shall help the natives gain a promotion shortly. 
  • Capricorn men and women will enhance your bonds with those close to them. Thus, they would have a serene time personally.

Remedy: Wear jewels such as diamonds, opals, white topaz, and so on to attract favorable outcomes from Venus.


Venus is the lord of the fourth and ninth houses for Aquarius natives. It would transit in the second house of family, money, and speech. 

  • During this passage, Aquarius natives will have a fantastic moment professionally. Fortune will help the Aquarians achieve their goals. 
  • Financially, time would be considerable. However, natives may need to spend money on family requirements at this time. Along with it, they shall invest money for long-term benefits and increase their comfort and luxury. 
  • Moreover, during this time, Aquarians shall have very close contact with their father. Thus, they must make the best use of this time.

Remedy: Donate dotted garments, silver, and rice to the temple as a cure.


Venus is the lord of the third and eighth houses for Pisces people. It shall transit in the first house of self, character, and personality for them. 

  • Professionally, the natives will achieve great things in business during this time and earn a lot of money. 
  • Students with the Aquarius sign shall have an interest in the study and the occult. Also, they may profit from this field. 
  • During Venus transit in Pisces, men and women must be very positive in their jobs and inspire people around them with their artistic caliber and originality. 
  • They shall spend money on themselves and may improve their overall health. Overall, the position shall stay solid, with a consistent cash inflow.

Remedy: Feed wheat flour and sugar to cows.

Note: Make sure you follow the remedies under the guidance of an astrologer.

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