Kohli Removed From ODI Captaincy. Is His Career In Trouble?

Virat kohli kundli

News has it that the star Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli, was recently given a 48-hour ultimatum by BCCI to voluntarily give up team India’s ODI captaincy. However, Virat choose not to. The result? Virat Kohli on Wednesday was removed as team India’s ODI captain and was replaced by Rohit Sharma. The removal comes days after Virat Kohli voluntarily gave up the T20 captaincy citing work pressure.

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Now, as reports say that Kohli was asked to give up the ODI captaincy by BCCI, the question arises; whether he was asked to give up the T20 captaincy too? Well, we would never officially come to know as BCCI would never reveal the same, but we can surely take a look at Kohli’s kundli to find if the former ODI and T20 captain’s future is in trouble?

Virat Kohli kundli planetary condition

Virat has had a rough couple of years. To start with, he is often criticised for failing to bring an IPL trophy home despite having a phenomenal team by his side. Moreover, the blunder at World Test Championship final and India’s first defeat against Pakistan in World Cup also came under his captaincy. Furthermore, Kohli has not been able to score a century in both ODI and Test in the last two years. Aka, time is surely not ripe for a phenomenal player like him, and the reason for the same can be found in his birth chart.

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Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988. Leo is his astrological sign. Virat is often said to have an aggression and ego problem, which is due to strong Ketu in his birth chart. This placement also gives us a lesson that Rahu is not always bad for the native. It all depends on the way you tackle its energies. Moving on, the planet Mercury is in Virgo in Virat Kohli’s Kundli, and this placement allows him a good analysis power. However, again, Sun and Ketu in his chart make him furious, even towards his soulmate.

What is affecting Kohli’s career? 

If we look at Virat Kohli’s career as a whole, his Kundli says that he is a self-motivator. People like him have to have a downfall once in a while to acquire back their lost glory. The downfall for him is being driven by the transit of Saturn (Shani) occurring in his chart. The energy of Shani directly falling in the house of career is impacting his performance negatively. This means that Virat will need to devote a great deal of time to make a century again. However, the good news is that this recent downfall will allow him a fresh start, and he will be able to lead from the front with less pressure than before.

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In fact, the ongoing period in Virat’s life is best for family affairs. This is the best period for Kohli to realise his worth, travel and make memories. Each one of us should take a back foot in life once in a while. We need to realise that we aren’t machines, and when you don’t, the planets do the job for you. That’s what happened for Virat as he had too much in his kitty.

All in all, 2022 will be a tremendous year for Kohli. He will have creative and intellectual energy from Venus and Jupiter. This, he will be able to use for his personal and professional wellbeing.

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