What is Happiness for you Based on your Star Sign?

What is Happiness for you Based on your Star Sign

We can look at our whole life to find the answer to find out what is the purpose of life? But only a few claim to have found it, some may be still joking. But is the answer the same for everybody on the planet? We can certainly do whatever we want to see if it makes us truly happy. But I believe the answer is always self-made and within our Body. Happiness and joy are in our DNA. It’s just some can see within themselves and others can’t. So they try to make artificial happiness from the outside world. What makes me happy can drive others nuts and can make them reach to asylums!

What makes you blissful?

There are four main chemicals in the brain that affect happiness: dopamine, Oxycontin, serotonin, and endorphins. If you already knew the answer, it means that learning more is useless. However, the list here may surprise you and give you some instructions on how to achieve a happy ending time and time again. Isn’t this what we really want and we really need? Find out what makes each star sign happy.

Aries: Shots of Excitement

Finding Excitement is what empowers Aries vibrations. Try to give them regular small challenges to keep them alert. They need to win, as always. But most importantly, they find happiness when they were able to overcome their fears. This is their greatest enemy. What makes them slaves to riding their bikes in an environment that breathes the spirit of freedom? Don’t be indifferent and reckless, fear management should always be safe and sound!

Taurus: Stable Strength

They avoid and despise change. They like to be the ones who like to be strong. Are you surprised? They actually want some kind of confirmation. Most likely, they would be happy to find someone whom they could count on and whom they could trust, extremely important for them. Although they are very powerful people, when they meet their special someone, they are vulnerable and invincible at the same time. They can be vulnerable in front of their partner but they are not threatened by all external things. To be happy all they need is love. On the other hand, isn’t that what we all want?

Gemini: Productive Freedom

Gemini tries to be independent of everyone and everything and they do it step by step. But what they find later in their lives is that all they want to do is breathe a spirit of freedom. You can’t control the wind and you can’t control a Gemini. The only thing that can really enslave them is their fear and dark thoughts. This is what Gemini really needs to be free of. That is why if we truly love Gemini we need to show that we trust them and back them up with whatever they do.

Cancer: Continuous Progress

Cancer is like a storm in the ocean. It has its ups and downs. Most importantly, it has depth, like their feelings. Real cancer needs to feel emotional security. First, it is very important to create a safe environment for cancer in any part of their lives. Whether this is a job or money or career or finances or a personal relationship, cancer is happy when continuity is guaranteed. They are kind of afraid of failures and just when they feel right they give their best.

Leo: Self-Confidence

Watching a lion walking in a bar full of confidence. And for good reason. When they feel confident, they radiate joy and light that can encourage everyone around them. First, they must make peace with the fact that they will never be perfect. Next, they need to feel different about who they really are. Each of us is different and that’s great. Feeling different is a liberating feeling. Like Leo, you have to understand that all your advantages and disadvantages simply add to your amazing profile.

Accept what you are and start walking proudly again. Now that you have won the battle against your doubts you can gradually work on these mistakes which you never try due to your Self-Confidence which can go over and above.

Virgo: Real Admiration

Virgo is always too critical to the whole world and most importantly self-assessment – It is the hardest of all and they still do it. This is because they truly believe that there is always room for growth and development. While that is true, they will be relieved once they hear a warm “thank you” or “I appreciate what you are doing.” from those whom they have helped. All they need is the moral support of the people around them. This is what gives them confidence and they start working better in every way!

Libra: Beauty Within

They live and thirst for beauty, harmony, equality, love, and more love. Every Libra wants to live with 20 people and 20 trees around them. Learning to express their beauty through art or all other forms of art is truly important. All Libras need to find a peaceful place with no drama to express themselves.

Discover the art that you feel most comfortable with and start practicing it. Sing, dance, paint, write… express yourself. Don’t do it to show it off to the world. Do this to understand yourself better. Find a way to create beauty!

Scorpio: Empowerment

Life-long problems with energy. Let me explain. Scorpio has truly survived. They can handle anything. As young boys and girls, they want something that will give them enough energy. As they came out they realized that the power of truth was always coming from within. For this reason, it is considered the most intelligent of the Zodiac. They eventually found that they needed only to rely on themselves, the source of true power. As soon as they feel confident about themselves, they are truly happy.

Sagittarius: High Hopes

Their true power comes from Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, and expansion. There is no room for pettiness or small minds. True Sagittarius is always high and high. Their guide is hopeful. No Sagittarius can be happy if the loss of hope is lost. Their intelligent nature will eventually find a way to achieve their lifelong dreams and make them come true, but they still need hope and good vibes to be happy. That is how they will enter into a state of eternal happiness.

Capricorn: Self-esteem

Capricorn may have grown over the years in a sturdy garden – without the risk of injury. Why is that? Because most of them are always self-doubting and almost everything they do. They are people who want to do things for real and do not see how real they already are. All Capricorn needs is to see respect in the eyes of the people around them. That is when they will learn to develop self-respect. When they have received and honored their souls they are truly happy and can know almost anything.

Aquarius: Unique Personality

Because they are independent of the other person, being different from someone else is something they are afraid of but they always crave it. Aquarius is happy when these little things make us different when we are fully and completely accepted. Everyone has black parts in their personality. We are successful when we are able to accept all our parts and calm our spirits. Time is running out. Therefore, we can always come back and work on our mistakes. But hiding does not help to solve anything. Accept your differences.

Pisces: Feelings of Warmth

What is lying under the sea no one can really say. Gems lost, civilizations engulfed, and evil prehistoric creatures. The same applies to the feelings of Pisces. They are constantly receiving refreshments from their vast sea of ​​emotions. Most of them cannot see the source of these stimuli and continue to try to find a way to balance what is happening in their hearts. Sometimes they get lost. What Pisces really wants is to have people around them that make them feel safe and loved. When they feel the warmth of love in their hearts melt the ice of fear they can be truly happy. Love is the answer.

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