Women’s Day 2021: What Women Carry In Their Purse Based On Their Zodiac Signs

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There is a whole little house party going on inside the purse of most of the women that we know. And trust me, you really can’t blame them for it. Be it the worker bees in the town or college going teens, a purse for women has become essential because, A: it’s the 21st century and the stylists still envy pockets in women clothing and B: women have so much to carry that even if there were so many pockets, they would have been like: 

So the mid path was, of course, carving out a purse. And the presence of these – come in all sizes and textures – things hadn’t only helped women but also inspired them to carry the extra (and sometimes unnecessary) stuff with them. With that being said, in this story, we would try to list out things that women usually carry in their purse based on their zodiac sign. 

Note: the story wouldn’t mention things like a comb or a phone or any such ordinary commodities. We would dive straight into the mysterious findings.













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What lucky thing do you keep in your purse? Do let’s know in the comment section below.



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