When will Coronavirus second wave end? An astrological aspect

Coronavirus Astrology

Only when we thought coronavirus has fallen to its knees, it did surprise us by emerging once again. And this time, it is much stronger than ever before. The comeback is greater than the setback, they say? Right they say. 

As coronavirus cases continue to set new milestones with each passing day, many of you must be curious to know when will coronavirus end? Or how the second wave of Covid-19 is to affect us? So, for all of those who are curious, here is an astrological report on the Covid-19 second wave.

Coronavirus Astrological Predictions For Second Wave

Coronavirus may have begun in March 2020 in India but its arrival was predicted way before by astrologers. The coronavirus and its default effects began emerging in the Chaitra Pratipada in 2020. While the harmful effects of the COVID-19 began to show in the aforesaid time, but the astrologers had predicted the arrival of the calamity way back in 2019 during the Solar Eclipse on 26 December 2019.

In 2019, astrologers also found out that most of the slow-moving planets, like Saturn and Jupiter (Guru), were camping in Sagittarius and Capricorn way before they should, which is unusual. Moreover, at the beginning of 2020, as many as six planets came together (appear to be in the same range in the solar system), which again hinted at the arrival of a calamity on earth. However, nobody knew it would be a virus.

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As per our astrologers, the chances of a rise in problems like loss of property, diseases, etc. become higher when the equation of Guru and Ketu is formed in Sagittarius (see bold text above). The combination of Ketu and Guru is formed every 129 years. However, whenever such a combination has happened in the past (Ketu and Guru having a mutual relationship in Sagittarius), the time of the combination has been short, say a month, a day or days.

Strange Times

But in 2019, something was strange. Guru and Ketu came together in Sagittarius from 5th November 2019 to stay there till 24th September 2020, which was a very long time. And the fuel to the fire was the fact that till January 25th, 2020 Shani Maharaj was with Guru and Ketu to give the equation a dangerous form.

Now as we welcomed 2021, षटग्रही Yoga emerged starting from February 9 to end on 11, which is another serious condition. It is a sign of the possibility of natural disaster, loss of life, global epidemic, etc.

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As this was happening, fueled by other aspects like election rallies, careless behaviour of citizens and more, the Covid-19 is again upon us and we would try to, once again, predict the future of COVID-19 that lies ahead through the Samvatsar horoscope.

The Inauspicious Signs 

As of April 13, 2021, Taurus Ascendant is rising in the Samvatsar horoscope. For the unaware, Taurus is the ascendant of India. In Taurus ascendant, Rahu is located in Rohini Nakshatra. Whenever Rahu or Shani (Saturn) transits on the Rohini Nakshatra, the combination is the hint of a crisis brewing. Also, the present position of Mars is making the situation more serious.

Coronavirus astrology

Will Coronavirus End In 2021?

To get insights on viruses, we consider Ketu and Mercury and their constellations. As of now, Ketu is situated in the Scorpio constellation in Jyestha Nakshatra, which has the vision of Mars giving it a more dangerous appearance. Moreover, the Sun, the Moon and Buddha are in the Revati Nakshatra. This combo hints that covid-19 won’t succumb this year too.

Mars and Jupiter auspicious signs 

Venus, the lord of the sixth house (house of diseases, enemies), is also the lord of the Ascendant. This horoscope is disturbed, hence the forward conditions appear worrisome. However, a good sign is that the next day of Samvatsar, Mars and Rahu’s Yukti is breaking. This is a sign of avoiding a terrible situation. Ashtamesh Jupiter is also indicating a good position in the tenth house.

What to do?

While scientists, doctors and contributing what they can, we can also do our part. As we celebrate Chaitra Navratri we all together must worship the mother Shakti. We must invoke Mata Bhagwati for the complete annihilation of Mahishasura in the form of this corona. Also, wear the mask, follow Covid protocols and take care of yourself and your family.

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