Which Big Bang Theory character are you?

Which Big Bang Theory character are you

Big Bang Theory left its fans in tears when the last episode of season 12 was aired. This popular sitcom gives you deep insight into complex personalities when you start feeling the characters. The show tells a lot about how different people try to enhance their bond with others. It also shows how people balance their personal life and career and still be happy. All of the characters have unique and charming personality. They all manage to fit in their life as we all do. One way or another, we can relate to them. So, who do you relate to? Read ahead-

Aries: Beverly Hofstadter

Aries are passionate and determined. They make a strong head personality. Nothing can stop them from being successful. And Leonard’s mother is totally a representation of Aries. She is fiery and passionate. Beverly is hardworking and we all know how proud she is throughout the series about her achievements. She’s a bit aggressive and impulsive, hence making her appropriate Aries.

Taurus: Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard is a reliable personality. You will love him for how dedicated he is. His friends are always having his back. He is hardworking and at the same time knows how to maintain his personal relations healthy. No doubt he is everyone’s favorite from the show because so is Taurus. And how can we forget his changing emotions? Nothing can be more Taurus that Leonard from Big Bang.

Gemini: Amy Farrah Fowler

Gemini babies are Amy for sure. Sweet and confused. She is social yet reserved. Amy won Nobel prize in the last episode of Big Bang Theory season 12 and no one can be surprised for a Gemini being this deserved. She is very intelligent and knows how to keep people together. Amy is the charm of the Big Bang because of her smart and intelligent outlook.

Cancer: Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Bernadette is sweet and short-tempered. We love her high pitched voice. She’s very sensitive and too attentive about feelings. Bernadette can be an introvert and an extrovert depending on the situation. She can be a bit insecure as well and this makes her more Cancer. Her constant mood swings give us more humor in the show.

Leo: Penny

Here comes the best! Penny is a confident character just like LEO. She loves to have fun. You can never feel boring around her. She’s generous and loving, she can get little bossy but that is what Leo does, right? Her vibes are very soothing and she can make you calm within no time. We all know how creative she is. Her warm heart makes her everyone’s favorite.

Virgo: Leslie Winkle

She’s female Lenoard. Leslie is super hardworking and caring personality. She acts little weird at times during the show but that is just because she is focusing on her work. Her creative mind cannot be stopped. We see tinge on caring in her character. She is overcritical but yet sweet. We love her character!

Libra: Raj Koothrappali

Here comes our favorite character Raj. We Indians love watching him. He has a lovely personality and is fun to be around. Yet he gets too idealistic at the time and that makes him regret it later. His fashion is talked about throughout the series. He’s successful and clever. He gets nervous while interacting with others but once he knows someone, he makes very good friends with them. Just like Libra, he likes materialistic things but also loves his friends.

Scorpio – Howard Wolowitz

Howard is definitely a Scorpio. He gets fun with his sense of humor. Scorpio can be secretive and so is Howard about embarrassing things he does. He is stubborn. His personality is full of deep jokes that one loves to hear every time. Just like creative Scorpio, he can speak many languages and can easily impress people.

Sagittarius: Priya Koothrappali

Another Indian from the series. She has a beautiful face just like all Sags. Her gregarious nature makes her light where ever she walks in. Another thing that is very Sagittarius about her is that she is very rigid about her opinion and stands on it. You cannot convince her for something she doesn’t believe in. Priya is very successful and a strong-head woman.

Capricorn: Stuart Bloom

This comic book owner is total Capricon in his nature. We see him being gloomy and sad but he always turns things best with his hard work. Like a Cap, he might get overdramatic but despite having limited resources he is self-disciplined. He cares deeply about his friends.

Aquarius: Sheldon Cooper

We know the popularity of this character. He is a total ride in himself. Lovely, passionate, irritating, selfish yet caring. He is totally unpredictable just like Aquarius. No one can use sarcasm better than him. Sheldon is not really good at revealing his emotions but he has the best of friends that take his care every time he needs them

Pisces: Mary Cooper

Sheldon’s mother is her opposite personality. She is calm and spiritual. Her habit of helping others makes her favorite person of Sheldon’s friends. Pisces are fun and very optimistic. They are selflessly caring and so is Mary Cooper. She is religious and spiritually trust Jesus.

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