Who’s Going To Be The Dumbest Zodiac Sign Of 2022?

Dumbest Zodiac Signs Of 2022

It would sound a bit ruthless and definitely incorrect to mark a zodiac sign as dumb. And, it is the planetary positioning, i.e., the Graha Dasha, which fabricates some zodiac signs act stupidly or make illogical decisions sometimes. But, the beauty of it all is that it is never permanent or constant. All planets keep switching their places, making you go through changes every now then. So, don’t worry if you make it to the list of dumbest zodiac signs of 2022, as you are still special in your own way.

Dumbest  Zodiac Signs 2022 On The Scale Of 1-6:

Cancer (Emotionally Unintelligent)

Cancerians are barely seen making clever and rational decisions. Also, they usually overreact to situations and scenarios around them. If they chase their emotions rather than facts or knowledge, Crabs make judgments and react prior to getting all the data. They are the individuals who usually decide and lead to conclusions with their hearts rather than their minds. And the same can get them into trouble. They could possess a positive or negative character. And, with the Cancer natives, it is frequently the latter point.

For 2022, you might have made to the list of the dumb zodiac signs of astrology. But, don’t lose heart. On one side, you might make some stupid moves towards some aspects of your life, while on the other, you shall be out of them soon. The year would warn you from time to time. However, it shall be on you to understand the signs of the planetary motions or not. Moon being your ruler sign, you surely will have an emotional pace higher than the practical one. But, using your wit and head to solve your life wouldn’t be much difficult in 2022.

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Pisces (Dreamy and Thoughtless)

Pisces is one of the most creative heads of the zodiac sign. But, their lost and dreamy personality most of the time makes them go through decisions that barely make sense. If spoken of sharp and tricky ways of doing things, Pisceans mostly lack that part. In fact, their minds are too lost to engage in mundane matters. Planet Mercury gets debilitated in this sign, leading to loss of balance and decision-making skills. They mostly stay in the zone of illusion and turn a molehill into a mountain, making their minds run wild.

Why these natives made it to the list of dumbest zodiac signs of 2022? It is because the planetary movements suggest that Pisces would remain skeptical most of the time of the year. You would doubt almost everything in your life. Be it your home, work, or education, you will do it all with pessimism and talk of it with utmost pessimism. All of it would lead you towards decisions that hardly have logic or points that don’t make sense.

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Sagittarius (Rash Decision Maker)

Sags come with a manual that says that “they must not be taught anything, as they know everything.” Sure they do, but the way they use that knowledge is almost absurd. Sagittarius holds a sharp and analytical mind. They also possess all qualities that could fascinate everyone around them. Then, how are these are not on the list of the most intelligent zodiac signs of 2022? Well, blame their arrogance and anger-covered nature. Planet Jupiter does make them almost a sage. However, the way they react to things when not in the mood of listening makes them take decisions in haste, rush, or without thoughts.

In 2022, financial aspects are where you need to look after yourself. People will make you mad at every step. It is on you how you react to it or let it influence your decisions in any manner. Ranking third on the list of the dumbest zodiac signs of 2022 wouldn’t make you feel good. But, take this as a sign to remain calm and cool all through the year and work on the manner you process things.

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Taurus (Obstinate and Irrelevant)

One cannot argue with them, nor can one tell them what is right or wrong. As Taureans actually behave like the symbol they possess- The Bull. They will run into arguments that barely make sense and will fight over it until the other person backs off. They feel proud of doing so. However, for others, the same things look foolish, dumb, and stupid. Though planet Venus rules you, yet you are somewhat ruthless and fragile when it comes to emotions. Your obsession with winning a war of talks is always high. The same corners you from people very often and early.

In 2022, Taurus might take beyond dumb decisions at work. You will churn your brain to bring the other person down, instead of working on your capabilities and skills. For the same, you would opt tactics that are totally brainless and hardly of any use to you professionally. Thus, listing you in the list of dumbest zodiac signs of 2022 is to warn you from acting foolishly in places where you should actually show your capabilities.

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Libra (Balanced but Unsure)

Libra natives represent a balance and usually decide everything prior to looking to both sides of the story. Sure, this is what sane folks do. However, Librans do get biased when it comes to their people, and sometimes they lead to decisions ignoring the facts and figures. Because planet Venus rules, definitely, they possess a sensitive nature and are immense empathetic towards the ones they love. And, this sometimes makes them weak in an emotional manner. Their eagerness to maintain balance goes nowhere. But, they bind to the love of their loved ones so strongly that they barely feel the need to look for that balance anymore.

Libras are in the list of 2022 dumbest signs as there are high probabilities that you would act as per your nature. You would act fair and square all through the year. However, when someone important to you shall be in the picture, you will neglect facts and work solely on your emotional connection with them.

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Leo (Sane but Egoistic)

Leos must stand in the list of Zodiac Signs That Are Most Honest but mostly hit the list of the egoistic ones. Planet Sun gives them the personality that usually gives them the bossy personality. But, with that, they also possess the fierce and aggressiveness of the celestial body. Controlling things would be great for them, but working in a team with people is a big task for them. They take decisions the way they want and hardly take criticism or accept mistakes. It eventually leads them to situations that are troublesome. They are pretty admirable. However, at the same time, they are of those foolish decision-making signs.

As far as 2022 is concerned, Leos will act sanely in all aspects of life. You will act confidently and do great all through the year. Things would fall apart for you when someone challenges your decision or questions it. There you might act stupidly and make rash decisions that might make you suffer an ill manner. Especially in terms of profession, you really need to mind your attitude before you speak or utter anything.

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