Why are You Always Attracting Wrong Guys?

Why are You Always Attracting Wrong Guys

If you ever dated and are now single, probably you’ve been through a rough road in love. To be frank, we all know that modern dating doesn’t limit to only walking in the park and basking in the Sun. Wasting a lot of energy on incapable men and dating people with ravenous tendencies is a wild-goose chase. With so much going around, do you constantly think “Why am I always Attracting Wrong Guys?

Well, if it goes wrong every time, maybe it’s not them, its YOU. As a coach to guide you here, I sense your optimism in dating riding over the situation’s realism. The bitter truth of today’s generation is that there is an uncountable number of men out there that you shall not trust. It is not your mistake that they are the wrong guys. However, you must question yourself once why do I keep fishing the wrong man? If you’re already looking for answers, here are a few for you.

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You are Faking to Be Someone You are Not!

There are three types of people. Introvert, ambivert, and extrovert. For instance, if you are an introvert who likes comfy talks in the corner room. However, in front of people, if you impersonate as an extrovert who likes dancing on the floor, you might end up suffocating because of your own actions. According to our expert Astrologers, if you do this, you will only find people who could never ever touch the line of your authentic vibe.

As Batman says, it is what you do defines who you are. Thus, if you portray yourself as another person rather than your true self, there is a higher possibility to land with the wrong people too often. Thus, you’ll only be attracting wrong guys.

You Consider Yourself Unworthy for Love

Positivity and hope are the best things in the world. While you begin the dating game, positive self-talk is crucial. Thoughts like “is he judging my work position?” “do I look too fat?” “no one will like me I guess” “should I have lost a little weight before dating?” “am I even pretty enough to date him?” and so on can both destroy your happiness and peace of life. In addition, Co-dependent personality disorder, a state where you are too dependent on permissions and approvals of the other person in dating is also correlated to this habit. Always remember, what you overthink, eats you alive.

Axiom is an appealing jewel. When you decide to meet somebody, it is so important to develop a strong sense of self. Further, the question that creates lies and negative narrator in your mind, your confidence beautifully cuts them with fact.

A World of Fantasy! That’s Where You Live

A World of Fantasy! That's Where You Live

Fantasies are good. In fact, it is a great thing in a few aspects of life like designing & decoration, sexual desires, and poetic yearning. However, when it takes the form of day-dreaming about living people, only pain is driven to people.

Are you a romantic overthinker? Or do you begin to live in an abode away with the fairies when you fix a date with a person? Okay. But for what? Please understand that you don’t want to use that idle time to construct a person’s fantasy based on what limited knowledge you have about them. It is always good to take time and gradually learn about people. Both a positive as well as a negative judgment before knowing a person at a find line is wrong.

You Might be Sending the Wrong Signal

Do you consider how you flaunt in front of people?

Are you sure about the type of man you are seeking in your life?

What are the types of men you’ve attracted in the past?

Maybe you’re sending out the kind of signals that invite is attracting the wrong guys, either in the way, you’re dressing, or you’re making yourself too readily available to them.

An Emotional Baggage is Yet to Be Settled

No one likes hearing it, however, it is the truth that emotional baggage is a possibility. It may deserve a chance to consider that at this point in your life, at least, you are not prepared for dating. When you slip into the same old love and relationship patterns of your past insecure feelings, and when for example, you are worried about the other person not sending you emails, or if you still feel hung up on your ex, consider taking a break for dating.

Without any guilt, sit back and for once and for all, with your desired time settle the baggage. Further, when you upkeep your attitude according to the given points, you’ll be free from Attracting Wrong Guys for sure.

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