Meta: What’s In Facebook’s Future After The Name Change

Facebook name change

First things first, no, you won’t see ‘Meta’ written instead of ‘Facebook’ on the social media giant’s app or website. It is simply because it’s the parent company – that owns platforms like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp – that is rebranding itself under a new name, ‘Meta’ and this name change won’t have any effect on Facebook’s (social media platform) current name.

Facebook (as a company) was launched in Feb 2004. It was a platform like no other back then; responsible for bringing a different kind of digital revolution. And the credit for the same goes to Mark Zuckerberg. At the time of finding the company, Zukerberg had an exalted Saturn in his birth chart along with a powerful Sun placement. These placements contributed to his and the company’s growth.

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Thereafter, the company went on to grow and acquire many different platforms (to reduce its competition – a sign of greed and fear) such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Also, in recent years, the company has come under scrutiny for its data policies and privacy issues. Governments from across the world have accused, especially Facebook, of interfering in elections and failure in curbing hate speech. And all this could be due to the conjunctions of Moon with Ketu and Sun with Rahu in Zuckerberg’s Kundli.

So will the name change of the parent company will change the fate of its child products? Let’s find out.

This is the second time when Facebook is changing its name considering the fact that it was launched as ‘TheFacebook’ and later changed its name to ‘Facebook’.

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The reason given behind the name is that Mark no longer wants Facebook to be known as just a social media company. Facebook now wants to be known as a technology company and want to make the platform more immersive where users will be able to do almost anything they can imagine. He said that people can get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop, create on the meta platform.

What will be the effects?

On Oct 28, when Facebook changed its name, the chart created with the new name is of Cancer sign. In the chart, the planets Moon and Saturn are in their own signs with exalted Mercury. This clearly is a good sign for Meta. In addition to this, the Lord of House of Money, i.e. Sun, is with a yog-karak Mars. This is a good sign but Sun is not much powerful here. So, despite the name change, problems for Meta will sustain and tough calls would be needed to deal with them. This means the concerns of users about their privacy and personal data being used wrongly will remain intact for now.

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