Zodiac Signs – Most Fashionable to Outcast

Zodiac Signs - Most Fashionable to Outcast

We may have heard, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Well, so is fashion and dressing. They are something that are very subjective and dependent on the concerned person. But, we all tend to find some people more attractive and well-dressed than others. This is something we all tend to feel, irrespective of our country, culture or ethnicity. Being fashionable is an essential these days.

Some people just tend to be well-dressed on a very consistent and regular basis. They also are considered to have a good sense of fashion. Although that may be due to their careful study of fashion, that isn’t the case always. Sometimes we feel they have a certain element of style to them. Well, it is likely due to their Zodiac Sign. That said, let’s take a look at the ranking of the Zodiac Signs.

1. Taurus (Vrishabh):

Taurus has a very strong desire for material things, in general. They tend to have a classic sense of dressing and fashion to them. As said, due to their materialistic desires, they sometimes spend huge lumps of money over big brands. These people cannot be left unnoticed when they enter a room. They stand out in any crowd. Taurus has a huge appetite for buying very fashionable things. It is this that they find some part of their happiness in. They have keen eye for detail in clothing. They have this inherent taste for fashion. Thus, they always get compliments on their attires.

2. Leo (Singh):

Leos love buying expensive outfits from huge and popular brands. They love high-end dresses and are very “royal” dressers.Naturally, they have longing for bright colours and ornaments. These include neons, gold and diamond. Therefore, these people never tend to be afraid of being the most exquisitely dressed. Leos always dress to impress. So, they put a lot of effort into planning their outfits. They always get a compliment, similar to Taurus-borns. The quality of their dresses are almost always impeccable. They have the confidence to rock any “weird” styled clothes. Although they want to look up-to date, they still value their classics.

3. Libra (Tula):

Libras have a unrivalled sense of dressing. They tend to make even the most mundane of the outfits to the most monumental looking. They like to wear things that pleases and appeals to them. Libras have the innate quality of mixing clothes to the best combination possible. They often combine something that is new with something classy. Sometimes, they are referred to ‘slaves’ to dressing and grooming, due to their obsession over them. They also have the best sense of matching colours of outfits, sometimes not thought by anyone else. They always dress like they are creating some art. Libras are often guilty to purchasing expensive attires. They make new rules in fashion and regularly break the existing ones. But, never look bad.

4. Aries (Mesh):

Aries are very bold and bright. This takes a huge magnification in their dressing. They are never scared to experiment with new looks. They always try to make a bold impression, which is something that most signs don’t. Aries-borns sometimes bring the fashion of the past to life and make something great out of it. Similar to the Libras, they have excellent colour matching skills. These people generally feel the urge to buy new clothes, sometimes just to change their wardrobes. One great thing about them is that they always seem to pull off any style.

5. Aquarius (Kumbh):

They have an awesome sense of dressing and grooming. These people are the ones who can wear the most boring clothes and still pull it off very fashionably. Unlike the previous signs, they don’t look for outfits that are “too bright”. They prefer to wear simple yet elegant clothes. This is what gives them joy. Since they don’t go chasing trends, they always stand out in a crowd.

6. Gemini (Mithun):

They are very stylish people, by nature. They never look too over-dressed nor too under-dressed. Geminis find the right balance between the two extremes. So, they never over-accessorize themselves. They realize that moderation is the key in dressing, as well as everything else. Yet, they wear things that too funky. These are people who are fun to be with and they follow new trends as soon as they come. They fill their wardrobes with the trendy looks as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like the classics. They are able to pull off even the oldest ones. They have the ability to give life to the old-fashioned and bring them into the trend.

7. Pisces (Meen):

Just like the people of Libra, Pisceans also view dressing as a form of art. So they spend crazy amounts of time doing it. They don’t go after trends and fads, either. Yet, they always seem to land the impression they wanted. These people are attracted to unusually fashionable clothes and tend to buy them without giving a second thought. They don’t care how appropriate it will be in daily life.

8. Scorpio (Vrishchik):

Scorpios look closely at celebrities and even common people to get notes on how to dress well. But, they don’t seem to be able to rock them as they wish. They always lose themselves by thinking too much and losing track of time. They don’t spend the required sum of money to buy fashionable clothes, in general. Nor, do they to buy classics. Scorpios, due to that, just end up being not that well-dressed.

9. Virgo (Kanya):

Virgos tend to be immature and childish, when it comes to the matter of dressing. They seem to be the parents’ ungrown kid, in that they always dress well only in corporate situations. But, when it is time to dress up for a party or a casual walk, they tend to mess up things.

10. Cancer (Karka):

These people know how to wear the same clothes again and again, but ultimately failing. One brilliant thing they do to compensate this is to wear bright accessories in order to drag the focus off of their outfit. They tend to be occasionally ‘neutral’ dressers and sometimes, formally dressed.

11. Capricorn (Makar):

Caps are not a very fashionable zodiac sign. These people generally don’t like to wear expensive clothing. They are satisfies and satiated with quick and cheap options. They tend to dress according to their mood swings. This is a major reason why they are not the best dressed people out there.

12. Sagittarius (Dhanu):

They want to look modern and chic, but they do not like to waste money on them. So, they end up wearing the same old clothes in a cycle. Sagittarius-borns just don’t seem to be interested in dressing well. As a result, they don’t care much and remain indifferent towards fashion and style.


Being fashionable is very dependent on the individual himself/herself, even though their Zodiac Signs may be identical. As already said, fashion is a subjective matter and depends on the person who is observing and judging. If you don’t find your sign on the top of the list, don’t get disheartened and angry. You may already be stylish and possess a good sense of fashion. If you don’t, you can always educate yourself more in the subject and gain knowledge. My recommendation is to observe well-dressed people and start to dress like them. Eventually, you can rock them with full confidence too.

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