Zodiac Signs that Are the Most Determined to Combat Corona-Virus

Zodiac Signs that Are the Most Determined to Combat Corona-Virus

The outbreak of Corona-Virus has led to a worldwide emergency and people are advised to quarantine themselves in their own homes. The best policy to avoid the spread of this disease is to lock yourselves and socially isolate from the outside world. Corona-Virus is wreaking havoc in the world and has affected over half a million population. If not prevented, it might affect 70% of the world’s population and cause deaths on a massive scale. The key to stopping it is in your hands. Staying at home will be beneficial after all. Here are the signs that would fight the best:-

Aries (21st March to 19th April)

Aries is popular as a fiery sign. These people are filled with the desire to achieve everything. No matter what comes their way, what challenge they may face, they will break the falls and go down swinging to overcome that challenge. These people always have goals set for themselves and would give or take anything to reach their goal. Amidst this global lock-down, these people will take quarantine as a challenge, and would be the best in a successful lock-down. They would keep themselves prepared for everything that can possibly happen.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd August)

Leo’s are the most strong-headed people of them all. They will do anything possible when their mind is set to something and give their all to conquer it. They are born to be leaders, as they can never follow. So, in this quarantine, they will lead the whole of their families through this difficult time. By constantly motivating, and helping with every single stuff, the Leo’s will come out to be victorious. They will not give up and won’t let their family give up too. Their energy is enough to keep everyone near them entertained.

Scorpio (23rd October to 21st November)

Out of all, they are popular as the most passionate ones. These people want to make out the best of their lives. Intense love and care are their inborn trait. They are brave to fight for their right and would do anything to take what they desire. If they have set their mind on something, nobody can shake their determination. As they know the true meaning of life, they won’t let anything happen that would put any of the lives of their family in danger. So, they would be the most sincere ones to follow the lock-down.

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