Zodiac signs that give the best hugs as per astrology

Best Huggers

A hug is like a comfortable blanket that wraps around us and protects us from all the miseries of the world. A hug at the right time will give someone the strength to get up after falling and fight for themselves. It can instantly make them feel loved and special. And those who are the best huggers, as per astrology, are one of the most adorable and precious people. Let us see which are those zodiac signs.

Hugging can be a casual and normal thing for many, but for some, it could be a form of expressing their feelings and emotions. It could be a very platonic action for some people, but some broadly try to convey something to you through their hugs.

Let us look at the zodiac signs that make the best huggers and love to cuddle.

1. Gemini

Geminis are the ultimate huggers and a fan of physical affections, as is apparent from their sign. They are the ones that will hold longer than the others and will be the last ones to let go. Hugging, for them, is very natural and mandatory and will give you one when saying goodbye or hello.

These natives have a very happy and energetic personality and always look at the brighter side of the picture. Not only they are humble and caring, but also, notice when one of their people is upset. They would try to lift their mood and make them feel loved by hugging them. Also, Gemini men and women are open-minded and humble. Thus, they might have had to go through problems when they were young.

As they grow old, Gemini men and women become more mature and conscious of others’ feelings and nature. They love to hug so much that they will hug anyone and everyone, even strangers to whom they just met and were introduced. They take being best huggers very seriously, even if they are not the touchy-feely type.

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2. Cancer

Cancers consider hugs to be a very intimate thing. Therefore, they keep it reserved for only the very special ones. Unlike other zodiac signs, these natives will not give out a hug to anyone. However, when they hug, they convey their deepest desires and feelings through it.

They have a special love for a warm hug and will convey their everything through that single hug. People with the Cancer zodiac sign are very emotionally open and attentive being. Thus, when you are sharing your deepest and darkest secrets and feelings, choosing Cancer would never act as a regret.

These natives give such best hugs that it honestly reveals their love and care for others. Their protective nature will make them want to protect and nurture. It is because they somewhat represent motherly love. Thus, their hugs are warm and comforting, like that of a parent.

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3. Virgo

Virgos are usually strict and stern. They rarely display their emotions. However, on the other hand, they shall show you that they love and care about you, being the zodiac signs that give the best hugs. A hug from a Virgo is tight and firm, showing that you are one of the most important things for them. Not just this, they are such great huggers that the warmth of their arms will do anything to protect you.

Though they find it hard to convey their love and adoration for you through their words, they will make sure to do that through their actions. These natives will also show their affection by mirroring their behaviors and habits. Thus, they are very detail-oriented and will obsess over how to make those around them happy. They love to be of service to everyone as well as their partners.

When Virgo men and women love, they go the extra mile to make their partner’s life comfortable and easy. They are the most loving and faithful companions. But that doesn’t imply that they want something in return for all this affection because they don’t. That’s just simply who they are.

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4. Leo

People with the Leo zodiac sign have a very playful and loving personality. They love physical affection and love to hug and cuddle. It is just as natural as breathing for them. Their hugs are like a cool breeze on a summer evening and as warm as hot chocolate on a winter morning.

A hug by a Leo will make you feel secure and safe. But they might also send you mixed signals. It can mean that they think of you as their closest friend but in a platonic sense. On the other hand, it may mean they are trying to convey their romantic interest in you. Thus, it is difficult to differentiate between the two because being the best huggers for Leo natives is a natural thing.

Moreover, Leos love to be the center of attention and the heart of every party. They are very social and outgoing and love to be outdoors. So staying home with their partners and cuddling is very important for them. It is because that is when they let their vulnerable selves out. They treasure every moment spent with their partners.

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5. Pisces

When it comes to the zodiac signs that hug the best, Pisces takes the cake of distributing free hugs to everyone. These natives will not get picky while choosing whom to hug. Also, they shall share this physical gesture of emotion with anyone.

No matter who the person is, if they ever feel that that other person is feeling down or depressed, they will give them a long and tight hug without any restraint. Thus, these natives feel no edge and end to make others feel needed and loved. When it is to relationships, Pisces is the most affectionate and compassionate of all the other zodiac signs.

When they love, these natives love unconditionally. And, being a water sign, they will adapt to any circumstance. Pisces would understand you no matter how hard it is for others to do the same. You will find no judgment in their eyes when you express your true feelings. They might want to hide their feeling by trying to keep their hugs light and casual. However, their tight squeezes give away their true emotions.

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