Know about Ancient Indian Astrology Nashta Jatakam- Why is it a blessing for humanity?

Know about Ancient Indian Astrology Nasht Jatkam- How it can be a boon to Humankind

We all fancy knowing about ourselves a little more every day as there ain’t no beauty like self-discovery. Therefore, the term Astrology is more than just casually popular among people. However, if we look at the bright chapter, it often motivates people.

A person cannot disagree that if someone tells them something like “oh you seem so much like a Virgo, you’re always ready to offer all that you have.” and further, they urge to know more and more about Virgo or any other Zodiac Sign. Thus, the subject of self-realization & discovery has the interest of one and all. Today, there are so many best Astrology website to check Free Horoscope, but what happens when you don’t have your birth details? Well, Ancient Indian Astrology, offers a solution for every situation. Thus, if a person doesn’t have their Birth Details Nasht Jatakam can help them get their Horoscope.

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What is Nashta Jatakam?

Nashta Jatakam is a Kundali-forming procedure from the early times of Indian Astrology. If the native’s birth chart is lost, or if the conception and date of birth are not known, then the Nashta Jatakam branch of Astrology is a mechanism that can provide proper insight into their future.

When a native is unaware of their birth details in this scenario in Vedic Astrology and sacred writings, they can take the help of Nasht Jatakam Astrology to craft their horoscope with the help of palm reading and Prashna Astrology.

What is Nashta Jatakam?

Moreover, the biggest advantage of this method is that an individual can get their Horoscope by providing their photograph. Further, the Nasht Jatakam practitioner can craft their Horoscope, thus, the native can gather information about their planets and their position. It can help the natives gather information about their life, get insight into the future, and receive answers to their questions.

Significance of Nashta Jatakam

There are many ways to find the horoscope in astrology such as an astrological birth chart, palmistry, front line, Ramala Shastra, Tarot Card Reading, Samudra Shastra, and so forth. Acknowledging the accurate time and date of the native’s birth to make a horoscope chart is essential.

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In ancient times, when the time might not have been projected correctly, a very precise and efficient tool was being used to predict the future, entitled ‘Nasht Jatakam. ‘

Significance of Nashta Jatakam

Under this, an astrologer can answer the queries of a native through the question chart and craft their horoscope. Thus, when a man or woman sometimes doesn’t know the specific time, location, and the date of their birth. Further, it is possible to draw their horoscope through the Nasht Jatakam and predict their future. Being an ancient branch of Astrology this is is quite an efficacious method that many people are not aware of. Along with this, there are not a good number of Nasht Jatakam practitioners that a person would find.

However, there are some issues need to be taken care of, such as evaluating the right question time, the questioner’s mental and physical accuracy, deception or cheating, or not asking questions from the astrologer’s point of view, asking only one question at a time, and so on. When such things are taken care of, then by virtue of a question horoscope all the questions of the native can be addressed.

How Nashta Jatakam can be a boon to Humankind?

People face problems every now and then. As struggle and conflicts are undetachable features of life, nature doesn’t spare anyone from it. However, it also offers help to be prepared or avert tough situations. Therefore, in the form of a nature’s most ancient novelty, Astrology provides the same gift to humankind.

Further, it helps one to understand their personality, life structure, moods, emotions, and the environment with the help of the position of their planets in Kundli and their alignment. In addition, it is necessary for a native to have their accurate birth details as the planets and their position in Horoscope depends on the time of birth. With the help of time and date of birth, an Astrologer craft a Kundli and analyses the planetary position.

However, in India, we often come across people who have no information regarding their time of birth and some times about their date of birth. In some cases, the native may lose their birth chart or lack their birth details due to regular residential changes. For such people, it becomes difficult to get insight into the future.

However, the system of Nashta Jatakam doesn’t require any kind of birth details by a native. Thus, as mentioned above, Nasht Jatakam is a blessing for people who wish to get their Horoscopes. It helps people know about themselves on a ground level. In addition, this method associates people with their celestial guardians and planets. One can learn about their ruling planet, Lagna, and Nakshatra through this. Thus, it further provides them a chance to take a few specific precautions for their personal life, health conditions and upcoming times.

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