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In yet another episode of The Astrotalk Show, we again have with us astrologer Sarika with another customer of her, Isha. 

Isha and Sarika recently got to know each other and have been in touch ever since. Although the duo hasn’t interacted much, but Isha tells us that she felt really positive the first time she got to talk with Sarika and hence wanted to have a session with her. 

In the session, Sarika Ji correctly predicts the past of Isha while giving her insights into her future, career and health.

Isha has been using Astrotalk for a while and interacts with astrologer Sarika whenever she feels stuck or needs a direction in life.

“I personally feel very attached to Sarika Ji because she explains everything so perfectly. Besides, I do practice the remedies she suggests and have often seen quick results and changes in my life. In fact, I make sure my family members too follow the remedies suggested by her,” Isha tells Astrotalk. 

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“I get this interest and strong belief in astrology from my parents. I am brought up amidst the Himalayas, and hence my parents know a lot of astrologers in my native place. I have personally seen astrology predictions coming true for my parents, especially when it comes to their business,” Isha adds. 

Just like Isha if you too seek to have a free one-on-one session with your favourite astrologer, comment on this video who is your favourite astrologer on Astrotalk and why.

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