Astrologer shares tips for love/delay in marriage

The Astrotalk show

A brand new episode of The Astrotalk Show is here, and this time we have with us the very experienced and popular astrologer Sarika Ji in conversation with one of our lucky guests, Sonal

Sarika Ji and Sonal have known each other for a while. The duo do a lot of chatter around issues related to health, career, relationship, and more. 

“Sarika Ji is a great astrologer with a great ability to make a conversation happen. When it comes to talking to strangers, I am a bit shy, and the same was with Sarika Ji. But the way she comforts you is so soothing that you are naturally able to speak your heart out to her. I have never been this comfortable with anyone else when it comes to sharing my problems,” says Sonal. 

As an astrologer, Sarika Ji is versed in multiple forms of astrology including numerology, tarot reading, and Vedic astrology. She is able to combine these forms well, to give anyone a holistic picture of their past, present, and future.

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In the episode, Sonal and Sarika talk about the former’s new venture, which she has started recently alongside her job. The astrologer also predicts for Sonal whether she will have a love marriage or not in the future.

If you too have similar questions and wish to get them answered in a one-on-one session with your favourite astrologer, just comment on this video who is your favourite astrologer and why.

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